Feeling inadequate

Hey guys, I’m been having a hard time lately. My problem is that I feel like I can’t experience the great things that alot of my fellow black magicians are experiencing and that I’m making 0% progress. I love everybody’s experiences on BALG and I support everyone here but I just can’t figure out what my problem is… I have tried on multiple occasions evoking King Bael, Belial and others and I get silence… I don’t “feel” anything or get any insight or help in my situations. Am I just blind or incompetent? I don’t want to have a pity party or something like that, I’m just hoping maybe I can get some advice that will help me out. I just want to be better and start making good changes in my life. I want to experience the spiritual and start a path to ascend.

Maybe evocation’s not going to be your strength, and soul travel might be the best thing to try? Or spellwork, or making planetary talismans, etc?

Some skills come easier to us than others, and there’s nothing wrong with that. :slight_smile:

And I don’t know what you’ve tried so far, but this is a list of things that might help:

  1. work in a different location, maybe the place you normally use is blocking you somehow;
  2. try marking the script from the Universal Circle around you, I have it on good authority that helps;
  3. meditate daily - I posted a way to get started on that here - you’ll need a bit of string… :slight_smile:
  4. fasting a short time before doing any work if that’s medically safe for you, that can sometimes help change and clean up our energy…

There are lots of other things but those are simple and reasonably achievable next time you settle to do some work.

Also try an experiment - imagine you’re on the set of a TV show, one where you know what the room looks like, and - playing a game, don;t get too serious - imagine the spirit you want to talk to walks into the room, sits himself down (or hovers about, or whatever) and you have a chat with him there.

Keep it as a game, don’t place any heavy pressure on getting results or breathtakingly great answwers… it’s my theory that those of us who started very young didn’t have the same pressure about what’s “real” and this aims to overcome that and place you back into a safe mindset where those judgements are suspended, and while you can visualise a Temple if you want, most of us know the set of at least one TV show very well, and won’t have to struggle to create it and keep the details intact.

Also, it’s fun, and when it’s not being scary and mind-bending, IMO magick SHOULD be fun! :slight_smile:

I know the feeling. If you read my thread “I’m Done,” you’ll see that I have come close to giving up on magick. I’ve tried for ten years and have had minimal success so you are not alone in feeling frustrated. Something keeps pulling me back though.

Follow Lady Eva’s advice. She has been very helpful to me, as well as others on here. She is very knowledgeable and just a damn fine Goddess-In-Training :slight_smile:

Do not try to rush things. I was told by Belial (whom someone was kind enough to question on my behalf) not to worry about what others experience. It will happen when Spirit is ready, not before.

I have come to the conclusion that when you step upon this path, the Multiverse takes notice. I have started to get a sense of the forces around me that are working for my Ascent. I cannot see or hear spirits yet, nor can I sense energy, but I feel the certainty of this.

Do not give up. Keep practicing, and know that as you do, every step is a step in your Ascent.

I measure my progress over years. It often seems like I’m not making any, but when I look back over the last few years, there’s at least a handful of significant events.

For the people who feel they’re not making progress…

the only way to see magick in reality is to appreciate them. You may need to look back and look for miracles and coincidences, as other term them, that had happened and put yourself into believing them.

we lived for long in the physical reality and no doubt we have communed with its aspects. To start with magick, you need to change your course of approach in life. It’s not as easy as saying “I believe” and it happens. You need to put the belief deep into yourself. That will be and will only be the way to see the reality of magick.

For you to start with, you need to silence your whole being through meditation then exposing yourself in the reality of magick by igniting your desire to learn. I do believe you had read much about the practices of magick and your next step is to try what you’ve learned but the heck, doesn’t work. Well then, the notice-able problem is you much noise around and inside you. You need to silence them.

I’ve advised you with my experiences. My start was that of what I’ve said before someone unknown horribly pulled me out of my body.

p.s. And guys, I’m glad of your helps. My sincere thanks to those whom i’ve learned from, My vision got clear now. It’s so uplifting that for a short time with your helps ,I had a success in practicing OBE and a bonus of distant vision. Yeah, i can see you there if i wanted to.