Feeling happy and cheerful after burning a letter of intention. How do you feel?

So I burnt a letter of intention some weeks ago. I asked for a person find his happiness(not be happy out of blue, but actually find happiness). Right after I felt that the letter was “sent” I started to feel happy and cheerful, and my life has been pretty shit right now, I’ve been in a very low state. And still for no reason I was happy. It lasted for 12 hours more or less or 24 hours, not sure. Than I got back to my normal sad self.

Why? Could be related with the letter? With the intention? Of course I thought “hey maybe that means that his way to find happiness is seeing me happy or something like this :woman_facepalming:” or that maybe it failed and it backfired somehow.
Anyways how do you guys feel after burn a letter of intention? Any similar “backfired” experiences.
I’d appreciate any insight on this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe you projected that?