Feeling frustrated important valuable spell with Satan didn’t work

My favorite soccer team as much as it’s sound childish and immature have won 5 games in a row thx to Satan But in the important games when they have an opportunity to go to the top cause the big team losing , they just doesn’t manifest them selves what ever I do doesn’t work, I’m trying every method possibly, seems like they are under some curse, cause they had 3 chances this year to go up in the table and nothing… that’s not the point my point is suddenly in the last 2 games I noticed that the results are getting weaker I can’t consider it even as results, Satan did reserve sweep result when we was in disadvantage of 2-0 to 4-2 and I had many games when I just could decide the result my self when everyting went perfectly I had a perfect image like I was possessed to my desires where I just increased the result based on my desiress, but in the important games they are falling and not preforming and all like the fall always starting the moment where the champions (the big team) losing points like what ever I will do wouldn’t work, long term it’s making me suffer im investing all my energy daily for this? Sometimes I just want to give up, I need your suggestions, those who are saying that you’re investing too much value and attachment to this team that’s facts I can’t deny it, but it did worked for me when ever I was charging the sigil live in the useless games I mean not entirely useless I’m still investing the same amount of emotions to all games, I just can’t get it why am I investing in this team so much when I see them only collapse and shaking in the real moments? Am I a masochist ? I still missing the times when I had clear image 2 goals in 1 minute and suddenly they scored exactly like I imagined, this is totally unbalanced perhaps other forces are interfering? Am I doing something wrong can I really break this curse ? Thx I will appreciate some suggestion and even if not it’s totally fine, I’m disappointed emotional sad and tilted again, good night ;( today I took my self to the absolutely limit when I just exhausted my self for 90 minutes for another sad wasted opportunity, beyond that I’m charging specifical sigil for this team from the start of the season and the results are:(

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No answer thx…

Sometimes it’s not a curse it might be the manager not getting the respect from players or not buying new ones. I had a similar problem with my team after our manager retired, we had two managers we just got worse so they walked away now we have a manager what knows the high standards of that league and he bought new players and now we are in the top 3 in the league

Ammmm I doubt that cause we are winning those useless games, with my energy charge help full credit to Satan but when this team magically losing points we are collapsing like cowards and not preforming at all, beyond that things happened in the team that shocked all media the management have abused a legendary player and didn’t gave him to start in the starting line up against weak second devision team as always in the last months, that was previously to that game, But maybe it had some kind of affect on them everyone in the media all the teams started to cursing us, like we are responsible for this the fans absolutely love him and 2 days after he left boom a lose, and in this game specifically when he decided to leave my calls have been declined, what’s your opinion? Do you believe in karma ? cause the fans constantly projecting this rage on the owner I thought Satan can overcome those energies perhaps I was wrong ? How can I overcome this poor management policy, we are close to the top of the league 2 points, next week the 3 and 1 facing each other, that’s why I’m mad we could have not just jump to the top of the table we could have increased the gap too as we are facing weak team soon, nice timing indeed