Feeling emotion again thanks to Gaia & MiKu

I’ve been on antipsychotics for about a year. Haven’t felt much since a week ago. I got a FREE and AMAZING reading thanks to @MiKu This is something i cannot thank both Gaia and MiKu enough for, since it kicked me into gear so i could persevere. I’m finally feeling happy and meaningful again, here’s the story: Miku tell me mother nature has something to teach me. I oblige, go out and meditate next to a tree with both my hands on it. Within minutes it felt like a wall was teared down that was blocking my heart. So now i’m walking home, feeling IMMACULATE, then i saw her, a homeless women sleeping at a bus stop in the middle of a Canadian winter, usually i wouldn’t bat an eye, but my heart was BROKEN at the sight. I hadn’t felt that much tangible emotion since Aphrodite. Now I’m making it my mission to spread as much love as physically possible. I’ve been able to SERIOUSLY care about ANY person, and i see a future filled with light and goodness. So thank you again Gaia & MiKu I love and appreciate you both for what you’ve done for me.


I am glad to help, but you forgot to thank yourself for taking the steps forward!
You are putting the work, which is giving meaning to everything else!