Feeling down

Normally, it takes me a lot to get me down. I don’t know if because i got no one to talk to, i didn’t feel motivated to do anything today.


Go for a run/to the gym, get the blood flowing and the endorphins and adrenaline going, it’s the best pick-me-up ever in my book.


I’m the exact same today :frowning: feeling like hitting rock bottom , called Lucifer but as usual nothing ( he stopped answering 2 months ago), fuck it i’m going to open a bottle and chill !

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Yup i also feel terrible at the moment.

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Same losing hope in everything

What’s the matter bud?


I was for a second when i woke up then i got up and went to the gym , I’m going later tonight too. ANd the weather in AZ right now is amazing so i have my porch open watching YouTube videos . Chill night lol i just put my mind on other things , it works ! @PhoenixtheDemon


lets vent guys!why is everyone sad? I am sad because after having an amazing first 6 months of starting on this path, for the past 2 months I’m getting a complete opposite of what i’m asking :frowning:
1-asked for some extra money , realised had to pay some of my tax return back now
2- Asked for a fun relationship, got the most boring guy of my life , that was not enough , i’m getting disrespected left right and centre on dating apps just coz i refuse to send pics or stand up against sexist people
3- cursed a friend who bullied me and when i stood up he cut me off to get lonely and came to know he has a brand new relationship now

I mean seriously what lesson is there for me ? that i am the only one who has lot of love and respect for myself because universe thinks otherwise?

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Lmao Jeesus Same here to your response .

  1. I just lost my job and in my field it takes time for interviews and such soo I’m broke at the moment.

  2. The girl i had split since we were long distance and we split cause my friends were being gossipy couple since they hate their own they like to stir the pot .

  3. I cut my ties with a ton of friend cause i just don’t feel like i need that negativity in my life .

Soo I’m with you haha @Tuxedo-cat

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It sucks specially when you are in the middle of it, no words of positive courage or motivation can help :frowning:

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@Empath lately my life didnt go well like i expected to be

  1. Relationship issues getting rejected by a woman ( worst thing in the world)

  2. My depression is starting to be friends with me again

  3. Lost a good job opportunity so kinda broke right now

Sometimes i wonder if this is hell :grin::grin::grin:

  1. Fuck her. You’ll find another. Last girl I cared about was 6 almost 7 years ago. I did letter ritual 2 years ago. Know your worth. I know damn well how easy girls are in this generation but I’ll tell you I want a relationship that isn’t founded off drugs.

  2. I’ve been clinically depressed and anxious and prone to violent rage for a decade now, we can PM about depression if you like.

  3. Do you drive? I work DoorDash and that’s how I afford to eat everyday. I can shoot you a referral link for that and UberEats if you’re interested.


Looks like we are all on the shit boat at the moment . It’s ok, I’m going out tonight with some friends and drink my sorrows away and enjoy it hahah Cheers :beers: . @eVox_61 @Tuxedo-cat

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Lol i’ve locked myself away from the world, i’m so angry at life don’t think anyone would like to be around me :smile: not even demons are answering . leave alone humans !

I do what I can to assist my spirit brothers and sisters because giving back is what makes it all worth it to me in the end. We should lift each other up, not strike each other down.


@Tuxedo-cat i’m sorry that you are going through all that, humans won’t talk to me because well they call me a monster and since then i kept my distance from humans, when i mean a monster( not in a terrible person way) mean by a non human way, a phsycic told everyone that i’m not human. I feel drained.

@Empath a human girl that i used to like. well lets call her lucy, i actually had the guts to tell her that i liked her and she bursting out started laughing with her friends, and started humiliating me. It hurt then i felt rage, i let all my dark enegry get the best of me, couple days later she got into an accident broken arm, i felt bad that i used that energy to get back at her, at the beginning of this year i almost killed myself but somehow i changed my mind at the last minute. Things weren’t going well for me.

We’ve conversed before. Mind if I ask how old you are?

I don’t think you cause the broken arm. It could be coincidence.

@Empath 23 in human years .