Feeling dizzy headache for a week, I think it’s related to the chakra sessions that I did previously

I’m not too sure about that topic, feeling hard time to focus feeling high and tripping mainly, I feel block around my third eye chakra and around the mid of my part brain, it’s hurting like hell I never felt that before what’s your opinions? I have already sealed a meeting with neurologist, But it’s next month, Any suggestions or opinions on what can it be? Everything else is fine I wonder what can cause this

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I have written about this a few times here. When I first began doing spells and joined the occult i knew nothing about energy or chakras. I did a spell and i can tell you now that I was forcing a lotttt of energy into my head. I finished my very first spell and I was high as a kite. Dizzy, sluggish, and like confused. I would talk to someone and basically forget the main point of whatever they would tell me. Even my driving was off.

After 4 days of this I asked someone I knew, a guru. Thats when he told me my meridians were likely not fine tuned as I was new. As well the head cannot hold large amounts of energy. So begin doing enegry work and open the chakras, then bring all of the energy to your solar plexus. Keep doing that and you should feel ok. Theres not much the neuro guy can do.


No! You got meningitis! Go to the doctor and get some antibiotics.

What is that???

Assuming you’ve eliminated more mundane medical explanations, experiencing general fatigue and headaches in just one part of the head can be a sign that someone has put Malochia, or the evil eye, on you. Eye strain is another possible symptom. Malochia is most times done unconsciously by someone who feels envious or jealous of you… have you done anything that could have made someone feel this way right before you started noticing these effects?

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Hanging out with religious friend counts? Perhaps the demons got angry at me? I have noticed that when I started to share stories with him I started to get dizzy honestly tho I had this migraine all my life and I never felt this disconnected and dizzy, Even tho my cousin and my mom felt that too, I think it got to the extreme when I started to eat cheese when you’re experiencing migraines you never know if you’re sick or actually blocked spiritually or even cursed maybe it’s a generational curse, I’m going to do Acupuncture tomorrow she can analyze my chakras and see if something is blocked or it’s a medical condition I will know after and according to the results of this treatment, thx everybody, Let me tell you her reputation in this aspect in insane she got many titles to prove her degree and mastery just by looking at your eyes she can identify everything, it’s all good I trust her :wink: love you all!

If that’s is the case, it’s very important that you do this ASAP. I can’t count on how many people in Denmark has lost their lives because of this.

Many people assume (including doctors) that’s it’s just an innocent headache. But it can be from some hours or a couple of days and… you need to find a new body.

Not trying to break the mood, but I wanted to give an heads up.

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It’s hard to get neurologist this days , they all have a busy schedule I wanted too the apportionment as soon as possible, But 5 days I should be like this suggestions ? What should I do go to the hospital ? Tips suggestions? I’m happy you care about me I will never forget it I’m taking it very seriously, tomorrow we will see if this treatment would help and what she have to say and if not I’m going to the hospital I guess

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Meningitis is such a clever little bastard. That’s why public awareness has been issued in Denmark.
Where it’s encouraged that if you have an hint that you might have it, you simply mention meningitis so the doctor can have a proper look at you.

They know which signs to look for if it’s that case mentioned.

But since it goes under the radar people disregard it as a bad headache, thinking it will naturally go away.

Gosh, I sound like one of those boring professors at school who just has to be very serious about everything.

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