Feeling defeated by everything

I have been here for a few months, met people who offer good advice and are generally decent, a few days ago I posted about evoking Duke Sallos and the ensuing discussion led me to information on other entities as well. I have never hurt anyone physically or magically , a few months ago however I reached my limit, people were trying to steal my inheritance, I tried to be civil but it’s not working anymore, in the aforementioned thread I asked about revenge and thieves and legal issues, the gracious community answered, I had planned an evocation, but before I could follow through things took a turn for the worse, the house my family has lived in for 47 years is now in danger of being lost, today I have been insulted as I have never been before, the landlord who owes everything to my family, insulted us and tried to throw us out, he did not succeed, his attempt was of questionable legality, and the people from the district court who came were aware of this and yet still demanded a bribe.
The situation is affecting everything, my focus, my academics. I can’t concentrate enough for an evocation, and I have never done a proper one, my mind is burdened, I am finding it difficult to stay calm, can anyone please help me?


Ok, first thing, use the voice recorder on your mobile phone every time you meet with someone, just don’t tell them. Then later on you can use pieces of the conversation as evidence of wrongdoing and corruption and go to their superiors or local newspaper. Stay calm, take a few deep breaths and think it through. What is the biggest issue? The one that all the rest are built on. That’s the key. Get that and the rest have nothing to stand on. Old saying, walk softly and carry a big stick. If you need to put them down go for the big guns. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, bring a tank. Print a sigil, chant the enn. Do it until you may feel something you normally don’t. I feel tingling. Then talk and thank the entity. Show respect and no fear.


Indians are corrupt by nature, I do use my voice recorder, my mind is clouded, I can’t evoke… these people are the worst you can imagine, the days event are chasing each other in my head… I can’t think straight…


And the people from home who are supposed to help me are exploiting my vulnerability and taking out years of their supposed anger out on me, I just wish that this would end, I am not one to breakdown like this, but it’s becoming increasingly possible.

Don’t let this stop you.

Use all the crazy emotion you have right now and call on a spirit, through the confusion and clouded head.

I’d suggest Belial.


I will try to evoke Belial tonight, I tried this afternoon, it didn’t work… Do I keep reciting the end in my mind?, I drew his sigil on paper and lit three candles and started reciting.

Open the sigil first by gazing at it softly, with the intent of calling Belial. After some minutes (you can blink), you’ll see it shift in very small ways.

Then start saying his enn and calling him, by saying something like “Belial, come!”, or whatever you come up with.

If you do it in the mind, imagine your voice booming throughout the whole of existence. This is called the cosmic voice.

You can even combine it with whispering.

Do all of this with all the emotion of what is happening. Imagine everything that happened, how it makes you feel, how unfair it is, how angry you are at the people that wronged you.

Pour all that into your calling of Belial. Send out every enn and calling with all your emotion, like a small bomb of emotion and intent for him to come.

Seriously, go all out on your emotion. The more emotion, the better.

At some point, you’ll feel exhausted or tired of doing it.

Then welcome Belial, say hello, and tell him what’s happening. Ask for his help - you can even get a pen and paper and write down what you think he is saying. The trick here is to just believe and write whatever comes down.

After you ask for his help and tell him all the details of the problem, what you want to achieve and so on, tell him how you would like everything to be. How you’d like everything to be good, and how you’d like to still have your house, whatever. Feel how good it would feel in that moment to have all that, and pour that emotion into what you are saying. Kind of another bomb of your intention of how you’d like it to be.

Just a small emotional rant to give him an idea of how you’d like to feel when everything comes to fruition.

If you want, offer him something in return, like chocolate, wine, public praise, so on.

Then just say “thank you, that is all, you may now depart”.


Thank you, I will do it tonight, and when this is solved, heads will roll, once I get the hang of evocation, a lot, of people are going to burn, I will torment them as they have tormented me.

I am very sad to hear that. Life can be very though sometimes and I can personally understand what you’re going through. To an extent.

Did you consider getting help from expert magicians? Sometimes unfolding though situation with magick require skills. And some are good at it. Imo if time comes that everything becomes overwhelming for me, that’s what I’d do.
But still try to contact an entity and use energy work alot. Before any working meditate to raise energy and visualize bathing in a powerful source of energy.
Unfolding though situations like that requires a good amount of energy.

Good luck.


Any tips on how to meditate properly, how to clear my mind?

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Sure. I meditate with alpha / theta binaural beats and it helps me get into the zone.
To clear the mind you just have to keep a good concentration level. Stay focused and go back to a void state whenever a thought arise.
Just do your best to stay focused on a void mental state.

I suggest you the practice chapters of Initiation Into Hermetics. The first few practical exercises help to clear the mind and control thoughts.

As for energy working learn to breathe the right way :smiley:.


Thank you.

You need the deal with the landlord first, if he lives close by throw some graveyard dust at his door and curse him.I cursed our landlord a couple of months back and he is behaving himself.

Make a vinegar jar and drown the landlords picture in it with rusty nails, chillies , broken mirrors and also what you call in India as Khash Khash seeds.These can cause confusion in an enemy.

Never forget the power of propaganda.Next time he tries to evict you invest in a good court stay order and let him know you have your own sources to teach him a lesson.A good civil case in India means there is a stay and you can drag the stay over for a year or more.Dont forget to challenge his title and report his tax evasion to the court ( scum bags like these don’t pay taxes)

Pull a bluff and then start telling people in the vicinity that he has no title to the house and you are about to teach him a lesson.

Ever seen a cat defend itself? Notice how it hisses and spits up a storm scaring away an enemy.You have to hiss and spit your way out of this matter and make sure you give the landlord a headache.


He lives on the 3rd floor, and I don’t want to confuse him, I want that back stabing SOB to roll in anguish and pain and humiliation, the same he did to me today.

Sorry if that was rude… but it was mortifying to face that today…

Just sneak by his door then and throw the graveyard dust at his doorstep, you are lucky that he lives so close.

Look at it this way, if this crisis did not happen your ability to jump into and master the occult would not be so challenged.Take this as a learning opportunity.

Read appendix 2 page 109 onwards on this link http://www.charlescosimano.com/uploads/2/7/5/1/2751618/psionicpower.pdf

You don’t need radionics to charge these demons ( select four or five for your work) you can easily use blood to charge the images of these goetic demons.The author has given a very good description of their attributes in simple words.

Feed the goetic demons your blood and mix with graveyard dust.You can hide it around his doorstep and even combine each sigil inside a box or envelope with his picture.

To avoid attacks from him line your house with salt and wash with ammonia.

It’s just a challenge like life’s other challenges.Face it seriously but don’t let it injure your soul.


I dont understand this part.

Yes you are right this a push, I hate that the push had to come from someone as pathetic and corrupt as him.

Sorry I meant “Line your house” Sprinkle salt in the four corners of your house.

Use Ammonia drops in Water to clean your house.Water takes away negativity.Salt and Ammonia water washes negativity away.

For me playing the following two mantras (Vedic) given by a friend have worked wonders in a week.
Play them non-stop in your house.You will the difference in a day.

A magician must cleanse their environment and themselves before stepping into battle.


Ok final mantra is here (My friend from India just texted it.

This one actually kills enemies from far away, you are close enough.


So before evocation and playing these mantras, I should cleanse my house? Very well then I will start tomorrow, but I still need to do an evocation tonight, would Belial be offended if I do so before cleansing?

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