Feeling betrayed

Hi guys,

I recently started working with king paimon. We developed a really good relationship. A LOT OF OFFERINGS and respect even art work and lots of spreading his name. I asked his help with winning something. Now don’t come with the it’s the wrong demon for this or that. He’s really really powerful i believe they can help in all sectors or have other spirits in their legion that can. Now i feel betrayed and really sad that I believed so much and had high expectations. He is still amazing it’s just I dont know if he has something better planned, maybe that thing would’ve been problematic or simply he didn’t enjoy working with me even though i did very much.

Any advice?


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Magick always has an effect. I would say specialty is a very big deal with demons though and even more so is whether they even took the task or not. Sometimes they’ll ignore something outside their realm or outside their sphere of influence

It happens.

What he’s good at is reputation and the actual quality of the art produced. Causing judges to make a decision is something else entirely. I’d run it by him and see what you can do next. There’s a chance he’s showing you something greater by taking a loss as well. He does that from time yo time when there’s something more valuable than a win in the moment


Now I’ve worked with King Paimon for nearly 2 1/2 years now.He’s amazing in all aspects of lessons he is teaching you or thinks you’re ready to learn. Now he could of felt the monterary gain you asked for could have hindered your growth in one way or another or he could have felt what you asked for was just beneath his station and didn’t feel the need to do it at all ,but whatever the reason he had his own reasons for doing it the way he did. Not all demons will be whimsical and do all that you ask of them no matter how powerful they are. Also, if it doesn’t fit in with their own agenda most likely they will not do it; just food for thought in my own opinion, you can always call on another demon to complete the task you asked for, one more in line with what you needed at that time…


I understand what you’re saying. My track record with Lucifer was 8/8 succeses and the next was a failure. I followed the same rituals as before, same everything and it was just a failure. Prince Orobas and King Bael are probably 8/10 7/10 for me respectively.

I try to focus on the successes we’ve enjoyed and ignore the failure. Perhaps though it was a failure as you stated perhaps King Paimon mitigated the loss? Just a thought


Yeah actually now i think it wasn’t the right thing for me. At that moment i was pretty emotional. It wasn’t much of the actual result it was more of who was i doing the rituals for because I felt I was so close to him and didn’t want to think it was all for nothing and i was just communicating with myself thinking it was him. If you know what I mean.

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Yes I know exactly what you mean. Let me ask you this, have you been evoking him or petitioning him, or something else?

Both. The first few days with him my ears were bursting with pain I knew it was him. I kindly asked him to stop paining my ears. The pain went away from that point. Then I would hear lots of loud roars that only I would hear. I knew it was exactly him which made me so happy. Don’t get me wrong he has helped me in other sectors like learning about psychology. Controlling my emotions, thinking logically. I just think that specific thing either wasn’t right at that time or it would have been problematic in the future. We are still continuing our relationship but he has referred me to other spirits.


You may need to have a frank talk with him about how you feel about the situation and perhaps hold off on giving offerings and gifts until you see satisfactory results.

When I have a spirit that’s not delivering I usually give them time and three or four chances. If after that were not seeing results it’s time to move on to other spirits I’d say.

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You know that’s a great point and really needed to hear that. It was my first spirit so I was being extremely generous do they get bitter if you give the ultimatum?

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That’s where they show thier cards and true colors and intentions for you.

Either they’ll take off and find offerings elsewhere or they’ll be willing to do the work necessary to earn what was agreed to.

I had Duchess Gremory take my offerings and run off on our first Evocation. I waited four weeks and tried again on a different job but still within her offices. She delivered like a champ.

Make sure your asking something that falls within the spirits offices for best results.

Make it clear that you desire a long term working relationship with King Paimon, I think he’ll be amenable to that.


Thank you! you have been so helpful

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