Feeling a seriously strong calling to work with Lucifuge Rofocale, what should I know?

One thing I know, without a doubt, With No Reservations whatsoever, is that whenever you feel a call into work with the spirit, the longer you put it off, the more it’s going to tear at you.

Tonight, I got concrete proof that I need to do some work with Lucifuge, and it’s about time that I ask you guys, besides the limited reading resources that I found, both here on become a living God, as well as online, what should I know? Whiskey and chocolate, of course, be respectful, that’s a no-brainer, but what is it that sets Lucifuge apart from the rest? I need to know, I just need to know.


I made a pact with him just over 20 years ago, and even tho i stopped working with spirits/demons he stuck to the pact. my life has not been “lottery win” or star famous, but everything I’ve wanted i got. All thru my life i have felt them tweaking things to give me what ive wanted. Ive also paid for it.

Would i do it again? Of course!


been having that same urge to work with him for about a month now

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Lucifuge is a/the boss.


That’s what I’ve heard.

My rituals are typically simple, but for Lucifuge, I might go all out.

Cooked food, good booze and drink, although my apartment isn’t cool with incense, my inner sight is really on point.

I might do the same thing for Pazuzu/Zozo

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I called on him a few months ago. Soon after i started seeing a name in mt dreams and a beast running in the woods.

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And then, this happens, roughly a few hours ago.

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He is not so concerned with the world as he is with the idividual. At least for me he really helped me overcome some issues I was having on a personal level.

He focuses on you the inside … and helps transform you. Not that the others don’t. . But it’s different .

He does have a sense of humor too.

He is probably the most FTW let’s have fun of all of them too.


Ftw? I too have had a strong urge to work with him. The thing is I’ve been getting strong urges to work with a few different spirits. Now King Paimon has been with me for years but I’ve only recently actually started working with him. I want King Paimon to be my first pact. But I’ve also had a strong pull towards Azazel, Krehl’a’teral, lucifer, lilith, and now lucifuge. Sooo I’m not even sure where to begin, other than my first pact being with King Paimon. Now I’ve also heard it’s more respectful to go through the gatekeepers first then go to King Paimon. But I know alot of people dont go through the gatekeepers too.