Feeling a bit of disconnected from spiritual and magical practive

the title says it,how i can connect again?
and what causes it?
the only thing that i think it disconnected me is the stop of meditation for a week

Can it be lack of results? disillusioned perhaps? I know at times I have felt like that and then go back into the swing of things.
I know I’m always connected as I think of my daemons everyday to know they’re with me.

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I think the cause for this is simply that the “illusion is so damn convincing”. Our spirits very quickly go back to autopilot mode when we stop meditating and practicing. Think about how hard it is to achieve our spiritual goals even with regular practice. There is serious external pressure and internal pressure to give up all power and hope, and to operate as an animal with no connection to spiritual power.

My experience has taught me that you are correct. If all you can manage is at least 45mins of meditation everyday, you will slowly get back into the rhythm of practice, and connect back to your spiritual self. Once you stop meditation, even if you have other practices, it becomes rather easy to abandon everything as the pressures keep exerting their force.


thank you for explaining

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I think this happens to everyone. We all get bogged down in mundane life and our practice tapers off, leading to dissatisfaction and feeling disconnected, which is ironic when you think about it, because I’ve always found my magical practice to lead me into feeling more connected to life, and when I let mundane things get in the way I feel less connected to life, if that makes sense.

i agree with what was said about meditation.


I think this a typical situation that every mage goes through. You have changed and now, what more is happening and wtf are you doing when its time to meditate? Where are the spirits that I always felt around me? This is a normal stage and when it occurs, I tell people there are a number of things that are the most common.

  1. You’re bored, learn something new and have another magickal moment. When we do the same practice over and over we get used to it and it is no longer exciting. Switch to something new during your meditations

  2. If you do not feel “magickal” its because your body and mind have become accustomed to what magickal feels like. You’re no longer “high” on the euphoria. My advice is usually to just to go ahead and take a break. If you took a week off from meditation, and youre feeling this way, take another week off. Do mundane shit that you enjoy, go hang out with your friends, have sex, grab some drinks, do stuff you enjoyed before you entered then occult. After another week, read about or watch about something you have not tried and try it. A restart button can go a longggg way sometimes.

If it isnt one of these 2 reasons, let me know


yep,i lately thought a lot about life

the reason now are: focused more on life (problems) took a break from meditation and the 2 reason from your comment,i stopped to feel high becuase of the break