Feel succubus better w out weed

I been using THC for a few months and became addicted kind of it because it Helped me feel my spirits better , now I can’t feel them good w out it, what I should I do, try a month off if ? Really frustrated because now I can’t smoke anymore if just makes me feel worse

It sounds like what has happened is you have conditioned the sensing/feeling of your spirits to the drug. You have, in effect, created an anchor, that prohibits your mind from sensing/feeling them except within the mind state of the marijuana.

You will have to de-condition yourself, which means, you will have to work on meditation and learn to sense your spirits without the drug.

While giving up the drug would be the most beneficial, you can still de-condition yourself while using. You will just have to refrain from reaching out to the spirits while under its influence. Otherwise, you will strengthen the conditioning, rather than breaking it.

This is one of the reasons why we always tell people new to magick not to use drugs as a shortcut, because it then makes you dependent on the drug to work your magick.

Drugs have their place, but they must be used sparingly, and not every time one wants to work magick.


Yea I’m done using weed, what should I do specifically during meditation