Feel sick and exhausted after casting a spell

I was wondering if it’s normal to feel sick and exhausted after casting a spell. I put a lot of emotional energy into my first spell and ended up feeling miserable. I read that it was because I wasn’t grounded enough. I’m new at this so I didn’t use any spirits just my own energy. If this is normal, what needs to be done to avoid it?


Sounds normal , try visualizing your root chakra being grounded in the earth and having any black / dirty energy going back to the earth

I had this happen after a very intense, dark working. I needed to ground and meditate to help clear it out. To do this, I exchanged energy with the Earth to clear stuff out, but also needed to pull fresh energy in, which I took from the environment at large.

I had that issue until I started doing the middle pilar work :slight_smile:

Always! Awful feeling, best to keep some water with you

What you read about not being grounded was correct. That’s why you’d feel miserable.