Feel like I can’t breathe when I start getting deep into TGS when meditating?

Hey guys. I was meditating today and noticed sonething weird. After about 10 or so minutes of relaxing I start getting into a deep trance and I start to hyper ventilate or something.

I can let go for a little while but when I notice I’m not breathing anymore I take a deep breathe and start all over again.

Another thing I want to mention is weirdly enough I start getting faint vibrations through out my body. It’s really weird because I’ve never experienced that unless I’m trying to consciously astral project which I’m not.even then that was when I would listen to binaural beats because of my noisy environment.

I’m living out of my truck for now and I’m not sitting in the standard position so maybe that’s why ? I’m reclined in my seat.

Anyway how do I stop hyperventilating and let my body do it’s thing ? Thanks