Feel guilty

I dont get it.
I just recently started following the LHP and have been getting a feel for demonic energy, honestly i get the biggest adrenaline rushes when in contact with demons I love it ,but i feel guilty almost empty. Im not sure maybe its because i have left my religous house hold and mindset? And feel guilty for leaving the religion i grew up with? I dont know what.are your guys suggestions i just feel wrong.

How can i get over this?


It might help to delineate your values (for example, not harming a child or an innocent person, or whatever works for you) and then understanding that LHP is about being your own moral compass, so to speak.


By the way what can i do to adjust to demonic energies? sometimes the energy makes me feel incredibly pumped up and other times i feel drained and got a bad pain in the back. What can i do?


Might be some kind of energy channel blockage in your spine?

That came across a bit unintentionally patronising, soz - I’m sure you understand that, or have a grasp on what the LHP means for you, I mean more like inernalising that you can make choices now from a place of power, not servitude or fear. :thumbsup:

It took me a while to figure this out and I did a kind of moral inventory to purge old guilts that stemmed from beliefs I no longer held, or that were just a muddle, but where I did feel genuinely bad about something because of my own freely-chisen values, I accepted that and made amends where possible.

I’m not really a fan of the 12-step thing but I modelled what i did on the concept of a “frank and fearless moral inventory” and making amends where it was possible and wouldn’t do more harm than good, on that.


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By the way what can i do to adjust to demonic energies? sometimes the energy makes me feel incredibly pumped up and other times i feel drained and got a bad pain in the back. What can i do?[/quote]

Your body will adjust to the energy the more you interact with it. If you ever had an alcoholic beverage, or a smoke or something else that your body isn’t used to have in its system, the more you use it, the more you can handle. Your tolerance treshold will raise over time, and that includes energies.

Over the years, your energy tolerance will be of importance if you ever come to experience a spiritual attack.


This is not an uncommon experience from people who followed the RHP religions, especially Judaism, Christianity or Islam.


Guilt is pointless. If you had to pick up the mantle then they didn’t keep their responsibilities.


This happens quite often when people have a system that they dont build they become lost so to speak. You do build your own moral code once you have done that the rest is easy. Demons have a way of directing you that you wouldnt even think of but they are excellent guides. Just dont go ending peoples lives or physically hurting others but employ magick instead. It frees your mind of guilt while empowering yourself. Each magician has a moral code that they build.


Thanks for the suggestions it’s more clear to me now why I feel this guilt. The house I grew up in as I stated earlier was quite religious but from my mothers side very new age-ish with the whole love and light crap that always annoyed me.
I’m not new to magick before I made an account on this website I never really mentioned that I have 3 years of magickal experience regarding all things magick ( exorcism, conjuration, Defense magick it goes on…) Only really worked with angelic beings Never really had a patriot deity or a deity of central worship I just felt weak idolizing something rather than becoming something, so when I first heard of the philosophy of the LHP I became ecstatic my dreams had just become one step closer to reality! That’s why I’m dropping this guilt so I can keep on following dreams!


Let me go ahead and answer the next question you or any new God will ask.

What if I make a mistake I regret later?

You will and all the crap about infallible Gods is marketing hype. They make mistakes. You make mistakes.

Just soldier on…

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