Feeding Time

I’m new to opening myself up to the idea of traveling down the psi vampire path. So I am currently starting with trying to develop a feeding technique.

From what I’ve studied it’s personal and everyone has their own way of doing it. I may have created one last night but I’m testing it out through keeping a journal. I do have some questions for the more experienced energy vampires here.

  1. How long did it take you to develop a feeding style?

  2. Have you suffered from any ill effects by not feeding?

  3. Are you more awake at night after a feeding? How do you deal with it?

(I have especially recently been experiencing periods where I can’t sleep. So I’ve been asking my vampire spirit guide to take the extra energy and give it back when I need it in the morning)

  1. Besides feeding what else can we do with vampire magic?

I have always been an empath and I am noticing the more time I spend with my vampire guide the more I know. For instance instead of merely sensing someone’s emotions or motives I held something of theirs in my hands and instantly knew things about them. This seems to come and go with little control over it.

Thank you to everyone for your time


It came incredibly quick, but I‘ve always done it instinctively (tendrils).

Yes, I tend to feel tired and depleted, sometimes I even get symptoms like dizziness or a headache that cannot be explained with low blood pressure or dehydration etc. When I‘m hungry (Vampire hungry) no amount of caffeine, carbs or sugar can help me. Food can make it even worse.

No, I tend to get very calm and sleepy. I tend to get an energy boost when I feed during the day, although sometimes it can have a calming effect as well. Definitely relieves stress for me. But overdfeeding should be avoided in any case.

Energy work/ manipulation in a pretty broad sense I guess…although it can be a tricky thing.

Can definitely second that! Also an empath btw… empathic psi vamps of the world unite! :wink:


Your description of what happens when you don’t feed sounds extremely familiar. I definetly have days like that! I just have to slow down and rest and eventually I’ll feel better but it gets annoying if I have a lot of days like that

I was wondering if it’s possible to feed incorrectly?

So when I first started experimenting with feeding techniques I actually woke up the next day so dizzy and exhausted that I fell over twice trying to get to my alarm clock. It was as if I gave away all my energy instead of taking someone else’s

Any ideas on what happened here?

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Happened to me, too, and I think we can just as easily “leak” energy as we can take it in. It’s important to learn how to shield yourself so that you kinda remain in your own bubble and not be (too) affected by other people’s energies as well as not waste your own. This will also help you regain your energetic balance much faster. Also, sometimes you can take in bad energy from people or even places, as in energy that just doesn’t agree with you. I have only found out relatively recently that I’m a vamp, and Michelle Belanger’s book “The Psychic Vampire Codex” has helped me tremendously, I can wholeheartedly recommend it!


Sometimes I lock into peoples solar plexus and send out intent with deep breath work and see gold and silver energy leaving their body into my consciousness. But tbh the strongest is when im fucking a female, the vibrations are incredible. I even touch our heads together and hold it there imaginig that energy flowing directly from their head(consciousness) into. They always end up with bad migraines the morning after sometimes right after😂


To me, feeding means replenishing my energy without draining others. You can also feed and give back energy to that person, which in turn goes back to you etc. It’s a very beautiful experience. And totally migraine-free. :wink:

  1. It took me a long time to even realize I had vampiric tendencies. My method of feeding is usually done through specific foods such as limes, oranges, apples etc. Things that contain high levels of citrus are always the most intense energies to me. I used to attempt to feed on people but now I just use areas with large amounts of people in them and feed off of residual energy.

  2. I’ve felt extremely tired for days when I tried to ignore it. I think I suffer from sympathetic vampirism sometimes though since I don’t need to feed at all times.

  3. I tend to be unable to sleep at night even if I wake up at 4am. I usually deal with it by entering a creative state until the next day to keep my mind moving.

  4. Mesmerism. It was one of the more easily attainable traits of being vampiric or sympathetic to vampiric nature. Realizing how easily energy can be manipulated also tends to come with the territory of being able to manipulate your appearance and over-all demeanor to others.

  1. I naturally started using tentacles/tendrils since I have use of reason. I always lacked energy and to me it came as natural as breathing.

  2. Yes. I feel exhausted, drained, tired, sore,…I have problems sleeping (either insomnia or not resting deeply enough). I get more appetite, or on the contrary I am not hungry at all. I feel that getting up bed is fucking hard and my mood is shitty as hell. It is literally like I would feel if I starved myself from food.

  3. It depends on the amount of energy I take. If I overdo it I will be overexcited, as if drank too much coffee. If I get enough, I am as normal and human as possible. Normally extremes regarding sleeping come from under or overfeeding in my opinion.

4)You can do EVERYTHING. Cleansing? yes. Protection? Hell yes. Healing? Of course. Any type of energy work? Sure, you will have an advantage to that. Dream hunting? Yes. Baneful magic? YES yes and yes. Sex magic? As well. Just be creative.


Any of you guys worked with the beings in Sacerdotium Umbrae Mortis? I have the grimoire, but have yet to work with any of them. Also, what about creating vampiric egregores to drain others? I have used simple thoughtforms for frivolous work, but I dont have any experience with vampiric egregore but I am very fascinated by its theoriea.


Tbh bro Ive never thought about it that way. I guess im just selfish. Thanks for the insight

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I’m a woman :laughing: But thanks! I think everyone is selfish in some way. Michelle Belanger acutally talks about the ethics of feeding in her book (The Psychic Vampire Codex), very interesting and definitely food for thought.


I’ve actually never read it and now I have something to add to my “need to read”

I learned the majority of what I know about vampirism and sympathetic vampirism from AJNA as well as BeyondTheVeil. Pretty sure BeyondTheVeil is gone these days though, I never really got into the books because I viewed it as an issue with my own frequencies and not “vampirism.”

Egregores don’t really have much more power than a thoughtform does tbh. [By that I mean they’re only as powerful as the person who forms them.] For me I always viewed them as an assisting factor of my thought forms. While I’m sure if you formed a deeper connection with them you would be able to use them to a larger extent, I just never dug that deep into it. A very good place to start is with creating constructs that collect energy and siphon it to you. It’s simply having the thought and forming it into reality through meditation and focusing on your “energy” becoming this structure.

http://www.rendingtheveil.com/nature-egregore/ I would definitely recommend starting here if you are interested in going deeper.

For example : I focused for a long time on having pillars around my house that acted as an alarm and usually they worked by a dog barking right before someone knocks on my door or something falling in my house. It could be my own madness, or it could be the thought form gaining it’s own construct. Now I just tend to save my energy for shielding and maintaining concentration on other things.


To do that you need to have enough energy to pour into a manifestation of yourself, but not technically yourself. It is more than a servitor, kind of an extension of you, but with its own life and potential. Therefore you need to have a good reservoire of energy if you want a permanent egregore. Otherwise you can build a relationship with any vampyric deity, who can provide energy for you to create/receive the egregore.

It is great for baneful magic and for draining people in a long term. I normally use him only when harm is meant. That is for various reasons.
One of them is that the egregore will feed from that person as well so you kinda share a bit of the “price”; if harm is meant, the victim will secrete energy from negative emotions attached to the attack, so it is a win-win. Double energ for both, and the pleasure of a (baneful) work well done.

Otherwise I drain the person myself, it is easier, cheaper and safer for the victim.


My bad sis😂. But I will check into her work thanks for the reference.


A quick trick, you can feed from sources other than people. Try drawing solar and lunar energies from the sun and moon, or air energy from the wind, or earth energy from the ground itself.


Televisions are fun too, but it’s weird.


Im sure it was the thoughtform. And were all a lil mad, thats just the path😂. And I love the concept of draining others for using their energy foe other work. But im gonna check that site out. Thanks bro/sis


You are right my friend. But unfortunately, for people like me, who have been lacking energy since we have use of reason, it doesn’t work as well as it sounds.

It doesn’t satiate my “thirst” of energy. It is like drinking tea, delicious and healthy, but if I need to eat, I need to eat man.

Albeit, it is important to remember that taking energy from the elements you have mentioned is a great idea to gather big amounts of energy for different rituals or energy work (baneful or not).


The trick to what I was saying is to imprint an emotional will on them.

Say you are drawing solar energy, don’t just feel the light of the sun, feel the roiling heat and flame of it, the raw force of it, and take that into yourself. The deeper levels of the energies, not the surface stuff.


Another option, find a donor.
A lot of the sanguine vampires tend to do this because drinking pigs blood probably doesn’t work all that well. I don’t know much about them as a whole so I can’t really speak on it.

But finding a donor can definitely help with the ethical side of thinga as well as the emotion of the energy. As a vampire or someone with vampiric tendencies, you definitely need to learn to mold yourself to be a social creature or learn to feed off of the constant ambient energies.