Feeding on Musicians

About a week ago I had an incident happen that I need some clarification on. I have been seeing energy and aura’s lately and this new “power” has become more and more intensified as the weeks have gone on.

Last Wednesday I went out to a jazz jam session. I was in the “state” that allows me to see energy and feel thoughts, emotions ect. It was unusually strong this night. I was watching the legendary pianist and know heroin junkie Bernard Wright play. I saw energy swirling around his head and body, and swirling around his band mates. I focused on the energy and was able to draw it close to me. I could feel it connect with me and I was going to trap it similar to what I’ve done with sunlight, moonlight ect. But I had the thought, this motherfucker’s a heroin addict, I don’t want his shitty energy as is. What would I do to filter this? Necromaster or Neeros any suggestion? Could I also capture his ability to create and improvise music and make that my own?

It seems to me that you were feeding on the aura, rather than pure lifeblood. I suggest looking deeper, and you may find what you seek.

I do not remember whether it was on this forum or one of the others I am on, that I made a similar post about attending a 2 hour session with Kathy Griffin where I watched all of the rainbow colored energy develop and then go into her…it came from the crowd…it was spectacular…and I drew it to myself from her also…

But I would not worry about the energy being infused with drugs…as you can draw energy from a dying person,it is done all the time with human sacrifice…and it will not effect you as death going into you, will it? So I would suspect you will only draw the positive energy factors as the death or destructive factors would effect the other person…think about it.

And why would you need anothers attributes, when you can create your own just as great or even greater with what you are working with?


@Maxx- I remember you writing about the Kathy Griffin story. That’s really what inspired this adventure. As far as why I would want his abilities, he’s a musical genius, former pianist for Miles Davis. But, I agree I am much better equipped to evoke an entity that can help me. I fell into this last wednesday, it was not a planned feeding or anything of the sort. I just showed up and saw the energy then started drawing it to myself. I wasn’t sure what to do with it so I let it go and decided to ask the forum for advice.

@Darkness- I would assume that I saw their aura and drew it into me. How does one go about recognizing lifeblood?

To the contrary Maxx. The substance drawn from corpses is known as death essence, and it is extremely dangerous and baneful. As for human sacrifice, you are essentially extracting their lifeforce, not their death essence.

I would describe it as the vital energy which is a few steps beyond the auric casing. It could be likened to reaching into their soul rather than the external shell of the aura.

makes perfect sense…your comment…

Now, I would like to get your comment on the essense that does leave the body from 5 to 9 days after the body has been buried in the ground…you can see it slowly wane upward and dissipate as it goes out of the burial plot…I wait until this has occurred before I draw fresh dirt from the grave as I find this has an effect of charging that dirt in a way to be used within the confines of baneful magic that I choose to do.


Interesting Maxx, I have never seen energy dissipate from the burial ground remains. Perhaps it disperses into the soil, which is why goofer dust is so potent.

Some way this product leaves the body and wanes and flows very slowly upward through the dirt and then on upward very slowly just like a grey, or off white smoke or mist flowing upward…


Assuming I can see an aura and other energy patterns moving about the person. Would the soul be a brighter or darker spot? Would it appear as a dot, or splotch, or something bigger? Sometimes I see large pink columns running through the person. They are about 12-18 inches long and it’s width is that of a broom stick to pillar candle. I see this in the colors of pink and yellow, and the energy reading looks different then the aura. I usually see the person carrying this in his chest, either vertically or horizontally.

Forgive my ignorance as I am going about this from the angle of trying to describe an ability that feels natural to me as opposed to something I’ve read about and studied.

It would be a deep, vibrant energy; I have been visualizing it as a dark blue color as described in Works of Darkness. However, my clairvoyant faculties aren’t to the point of physically seeing it. I hope this helps.

I wish I could do this, I tried it on the bus when I was young and the lady just gave me a mean stare