Feeding on depressive states - better than on raw energy!

Hey there fellow freaks! I’ve had a few very depressed people around me during this dreadful 2020 so I vampirized their depressive thoughts and traumas instead of energy, and felt a stronger kick than when drinking in from vitality, to the point of instantaneous brief headaches!

Some of these people were worried that they might lose their livelihood, just as it had happened to them on a previous moment, so the conversations would inevitably go back to the same subject over and over, made them lose sleep and eventually depressive and sick.

I did the usual as when I want to take energy from someone with the only difference that the visualization would exclusively affect their bad thoughts and “decompose” the traumas. I did this by throwing a black mist over them (in my mind), or holding that mist in my mouth (again in my mind) and exhaling in their direction a few times.

In about three to four such sessions (without their knowledge), the severity of their moods decreased and as of lately, one of these subjects does not snore or have cardiac arrythmia-ladden sleep. Every time I’ve done this I’ve felt my head expand and struck with a passing pressure, and I’ve felt vital enough to snap out of my back-then inactivity. I would like to hear if you have done similar things or your results if you chose to imitate me :slight_smile:

TL;DR: Pulled energy from depressive people but not from their vitality, only their heavy emotions, felt better and stronger than when draining vitality. Thought it would interest you.


Awesome yes I also have noticed vampyrism is rather alkhemical and my “victims” are uplifted

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UPDATE: Yesterday I had three different clients, all very old people (60 to 86 years!), nervously trying out my (very difficult) parking spot. I guided them through the process from five to nine in the afternoon with no breaks, so I fed on their fear.

The results are that though it did not improve their skill, all three individuals became chippy and chatty with me on the way out, quite the polar opposite to how impatient and dismissive they were at the beginning of their individual appointments.

They opened to me so much that one told me details about his back-then military service and tips, the second provided advice on flipping real estate assets and the third did so on dog grooming advice. Coincidentally enough, these are three areas I am currently mulling about for boring personal reasons, this is why I consider the results so interesting, because not only they became close but also began talking about areas of interest I certainly did not share with them!


imo psychic vampirism or vampyrism is one aspect of subtle energy body work, that said, so is reiki and spiritual alchemy. Excellent results, plz post more experiences and techniques. I’m currently experimenting with ur black cloud technique…

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