Fear of the Dark

Hey there guys,

I’m just having a little problem and wondering if anyone else has had experience with the same. So basically after a couple of months of practicing Draconian Magick, I have developed a fear of the dark for some reason.

At first I was worried that I have invited something unwanted into my house by accident but I have only spoken the names of the deities I follow to come forth during ritual. It seems to be getting a little bad because last night I slept with my closet light on lol. It’s more accurately, a fear of the dark because I feel like a hostile entity is going to appear and attack me. It’s very strange and I thought for awhile that I was going insane but thankfully I still have a firm grip on reality and my life is pretty stable for the most part.

What about you guys? Honestly it’s kinda embarrasing but it has not led me to stop practicing since I have gained so many good results. I believe that I did do and Invocation of Hekate to relieve me from this fear. And it did work for about a month but then it came back for some reason.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


I went through this, before I began practicing. For a long time I slept with the light on, because even though I could still feel things around me- at least the darkness didn’t swirl and further scare me. I also knew I wouldn’t see anything that … wasn’t there if the light was on.

After I started practicing I just forced myself to deal with it. I know it’s easier to say than to do because sometimes that fear can run so deep that it seems to strike our hearts and our mind simply doesn’t want to listen.

It was only a few months in, before I began to become accustomed to the energies around me, recognizing what they were when they came. Developing my senses has helped tremendously- if you know what’s there your less likely to be afraid of it.

The other thing I found, was the dark didn’t bother me if it was daylight outside. Granted we can’t all swap which hours we sleep, but if you can it doesn’t hurt.

My boyfriend likes to say it’s natural to fear the unknown and the only way to stop fearing is to know it.


Get in you batrom. Lights off, not lights have water snacks ready. Tink medicate etc. No fear the dark embraced it.

There are several possibilities here.

Probably your fear is just that, fear. You started this path, knowing of possible dangers and now you fear the dark, because you don’t know what may linger there, the fear of the dark is a very primal one.

However, maybe you got more sensitive to the energy around you and you now feel things you never noticed before.
Do you fear the dark no matter where you are, or does the dark feel heavier in a specific room or corner?
I usually don’t fear the dark, but I can’t sleep in my room in our summer house for longer than a couple of days.


I suffered from fear of the dark since I was ten years old. And slept with at least a lamp on in my room until I started working with Set. Through a series of exercises he finally has helped me overcome that fear.

With Set’s help I kept going back in my memory until i found the moment I became afraid of the dark.

I was ten and left alone with my newborn baby sister during a hurricane thar knocked the power out. I was alone with a helpless baby and the fear of not being able to see how to take care of her terrified me. I stood over her crib while slept keeping watch until my mom finally came home.
Now I can sleep with the lights off again.


I will be honest. Sometimes, although it is quite infrequent, I STILL get scared of the dark. About a year ago I felt a particularly negative presence in my room after waking up from a very realistic dream and I quite literally bolted from my bed, knocked an ungodly amount of stuff off my sideboard and flung myself at the light. The light came on, I repeated mantras that I find help and meditated for a while…but I still kept the light on to sleep that night.

I’ve been practicing for 17 years but sometimes I think our ingrained human nature to fear the dark and the things that could potentially dwell in it overwhelms us regardless of what we practice, how experienced we are or where we are.

But certainly do not be embarrassed. I guarantee almost every one of us has had a moment like this.


Spend a minute in the dark , stop , try two minutes another time , then 5 minutes another time , eventually the fear will disappear

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I’ve been doing stuff for years and once in a while, something spooks me. Happened a few weeks ago when I woke up from a bad dream I can’t remember. I got up, did a quick banishing (silently) in my bedroom so I didn’t wake my wife up, and went back to sleep.

It can take some practice, but one technique I use is that of clearing out the energy by simply exerting mine over the area. Basically, find that inner part of you that is spiritual/magical/divine/etc and use that as your source of power. Exert that power over your area. Dominate it not by brute force, but using your will and divine spark. Practice it. It will help you exert your will over other things, too.

@Mythopoeia See the above paragraph. You may find it interesting, especially in light of the Hecate banishing spell we spoke about earlier.

Hope it helps.


No worries :slight_smile: Simply trying to give what wasn’t available to me when I first started.

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oh yes. Funny enough “fear of the dark” tried to creep on me again after a long while… at first i left the room i was and went to my room (where there are many wards) and turned the light on… then i got at (with myself first then…) it. Went back to the room combusted myself with sharp white light and said through my teeth “I WILL NOT BE BULLIED IN MY OWN HOUSE! LEAVE… NOW!!” while raising my fists (in what i can only describe as ‘ready to attack’ whatever was there)… “You’re BANISHED from this place… in the name of the TETRAGRAMMATON!” (while traced a banishing pentagram in the air).

Well… there’s no fear anymore.
Dont let other beings come to your house and bully you. Assert your Divinity and and your Dominion. Stand. And fight.


In order to rid my fear of the dark, I would sit outside at night and meditate in it. After a while of doing this, completely petrified the whole time, I realized that these scary images in my mind were a manifestation of everything I feared about myself and my own mind. I was forced to look a myself, the void acting as a mirror held up to my face, saying “Look at yourself. You know what you must do to change.”
After continuing to confront myself during these midnight meditations, I began taking steps to uncover and change the aspects of myself that I wasn’t ready to deal with in the past.
I think when you begin this work, especially communing with demons, you will be forcefully confronted by many fears. You have to work through them.


Hey guys sorry to resurrect a near dead thread, but I wanted to thank you all for your input, it really means a lot to me. So also posted this on a subreddit and got good answers too. What I think is happening is a result of working with the Qliphoth for the first time. I did the several months long intro course to my Temple, and then I got initiated and right away I started initiating through the Qliphoth and the Tunnels of Set. Now with all the chaos in the world, which has very much affected me personally particularly by losing my job, I think it might be a good idea to keep away from something so powerful and dangerous for now.

What I honestly think is either that I have attracted the presence of an unwanted and negative spirit by accident or unintentionally or I started the Qliphoth work without giving myself time to rest and not in the best particular mindset. I did my research as much as possible but I still kind of dived into it fast. So I’m gonna put that on hold. I’ll make sure to let the Gods know that I am putting this on hold so they don’t think I’m just abandoning because of laziness.

Lastly, I am going to perform some banishing, though I don’t really know any besides the LBRP. And I don’t know it by heart so I’d have to read up. I’ve done the middle pillar meditation but only through a guided meditation on YouTube. So I’m gonna research more banishing today.

Thank you all!


i meant to say mad*