Fear of hearing

I used to evoke and invoke spirits but my fear was I might be heard by a tenant here. So I did half the ritual in fear and nervousness, does this affect the magick? And i always force myself to believe that it works because it just works. That’s my mindset. Any thing I’m doing wrong here?

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I’m just like you.

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Obviously it will.You gotta have confidence in yourself. Why dont you make a petiton spell instead?

I worry about this sometimes
I share a kitchen at a complex with a Christian couple. But, they are respectful of my beleifs and practice.

I have had to learn how to do ritual without as much noise and it’s actually not as difficult as you’d think.
I just kinda make it more internal, which is easy so long as you have done some work on your clairaudiance.
You can also mumble your enns, write them repeatedly on paper concentrating intent, or do a harsh toned focused whisper

I’ve got four sheets of paper written already, ok how is your mindset? And how come you’re like that (very confident)

Oh well, I managed to kick everone in my house, the method of magick I used worked as a double edged sword, which, if the target would resist to urge of leaving my house, target would die.He developed symptoms he cant understand, saying he never got sick that long before etc. before leaving my home.Then I could bang as much as I wanted.

How did I get confident? Well, you gotta repeat invoking,evoking.I dont do them as much as usual.But I do LBRP very often.

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Also, you can look into a thing called “automatic writing”
Where you have the spirit basically possess your hand/arm and it writes through you.
It’s super neat because you can tell how different the writing is between different spirits

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Awesome gonna try it

Sheesh what the hell youre too much alpha

I learned the “Great Voice” which is a method where you whisper, but imagine the words echoing across the universe.

You can also build an astral temple and do all your rituals in your imagination.


I believe this is mentioned in Donald Michael Craigs book, Modern Magick.

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It doesn’t affect your magick , keep experimenting and find what works for you

How does the astral stuff work??? im never able to do that. I either sleep really deep or really light mostly deep. And the only dreams that I do remember are more like premonitions that Gusion shows me.

Astral work, also called “working in vision,” uses your imagination as a bridge to the astral plane. Essentially, you get into a meditative state, and using your imagination, you perform your ritual in the first person. So, if you were evoking a spirit, you would see yourself through your own eyes casting the circle, chanting the conjuration, and communicating with the spirit.

The more you work in vision, the stronger it gets, and the result can be just as potent as doing a physical ritual. However, it can take a bit of practice, though, as the astral, being a mental plane, changes all the time, which is why when you build an astral temple, it is recommended that you visit it at least once a day for a week or so in order to solidify it before using it for ritual.


Kk ty im gonna try that