Fear of astral projection

Are there any methods to overcome this fear? I finally astral projected but it was for a few seconds. I wasn’t scared at the time even though I could see all those shadow people, but I think the fear has caught up to me. I didn’t astral project intentionally that time. I just went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night, paralized. Now I’m afraid of going to bed because I’m afraid it’ll happen again. I don’t understand why I am afraid now even though I wasn’t at the time.


Meditate your way back to sleep


Banishing regularly.
Avoiding horror films as well. I was scared of it from that insidious film(which is really silly looking back at it but still.
Regular banishing is important not only because it gets rid of undesirables, it strengthens your aura as well. The low level spirits end up avoiding you from that.


Also regular chakra and meditation as well as tai chi and energy work in general strengthens your aura for that.



Thank you. I’ll try that tonight.

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Sometimes your guardian tries to show you something. I know from cases where a witch wanted to read a bible or thinking of going to church. Is the moment when the guardian Shows you the truth and that life is very complex and there are parallel worlds.

You astral projected by sleep paralysis method?

That fear will completely cripple your ability to astral project. I remember the first time I did it, it was like I was snapping back and forth in rapid succession because every time I saw the shadow man, which was standing directly above me, it induced fear. Eventually, i was able to defeat it and was successful.
I don’t have many tips, if any to get over the fear other than the obvious. which is attempt to completely wipe your mind of it.
Also, completely forget about the body, it’s an anchor that will keep you from achieving astral travel. As long as you have it in your mind, you won’t be going anywhere.

the universe is full of bullies - fear is the weapon they wield to stop you finding out that they are really cowardly and nothing ultimately to fear. fear is ALL THEY know and psychosis transfers itself, why on these grounds would you think its YOU that fears what you have every right and capability to experience ? no, I say unto thee that it is not you who fears astral projection it is THEM that fear YOU astrally projecting as such all the more reason to do it.

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Bumping this i have had some experiences where I hace been close to astral projection then my subconscious decides to freak out and tell me im scared to do so and just kind of leaves me there like, huh.

Anyone have any ways to help overcome this?