Fear Fetishes - Caustic Cadaver

Well, I suppose I’ll present this here due to the fact that there’s currently no section devoted to occult related artistic endeavors. Considering the primary material used for crafting this piece, I nearly posting this within the Necromancy section but felt that it would be better suited here. So, without further ado…

Stage 1
Stage 2

Stage 3 (Final)

Materials Used:

1 Human Calcaneus
1 Moonstone Bead
7 Random Animal Teeth

After the piece’s completion, a protective coating of natural shellac provided that rich burnt amber hue and moist appearance. I’m quite pleased with how this turned out, especially after the application of the shellac. It truly brings out every last grotesque detail.

The purpose of this piece, and the additional fetishes I have planned, is to replicate the natural effects of my own essence by imbuing these pieces with primordial darkness. Essentially, they’ll be protective talismans…but in a much more non-traditional sense. Instead of simply providing a protective barrier, the energies of these fetishes will slither towards the source and feast with ravenous intent.

Much like a viral contagion, this will then spread throughout the unwitting victim while using the established tether to transfer the siphoned energy back to the individual in possession of the fetish. In other words, the hostile source who sought harm does the complete opposite: empowering their target at their own expense. I’ve always believed that the best defense is a good offense…and this will be overkill.

All that aside, the materials used in their design provide the perfect vessel for the energies of darkness, not to mention any additional spell weaving thereafter. As an artist, and occultist, I’m overwhelmingly pleased with the final results and look forward to finally imbuing the fetish now that it’s been completed. I couldn’t help but flaunt the physical finalization, so I hope you all enjoy.

That is really good. (Probably not the correect choice of words, but you know what I mean!)

Thank you very much; I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! While it needs a little more shellac upon the backside, the piece is essentially completed save for the actual spell working involved.

Very enthusiastic towards the creation of future Fear Fetishes.

Hey so I had a catnap this evening after doing a big load of Solstice-related work, and dreamed about this - I don’t remember too much detail, I was at a novelist’s group (I’m in a couple of different writing groups IRL) and there were some really normal people there, and then I was talking about demons, and I don’t remember exactly how but your Fear Fetish was there in the dream, somehow next to a fountain that was (completely normally it seemed at the time! lol) in the centre of the room.

Nice one! :slight_smile:

Now that’s interesting, I wouldn’t have expected anyone to dream of the pieces. If you can ever remember, exactly, what their role was within the dream…I’d like to know.

I kind of play with writing fiction and I attend a few groups and events that are related to that, but I don’t know if I ever want to be serious about it - anyway the gist of the dream was that the world I’m in for real (magick, demons, people like you I meet online making things like this) is SO far out to most people, especially those I meet in publishing, the media etc., that I have to actually tone it right down around them, and not speak about 99% of what really matters in my world.

Now, I’m used to doing this professionally, but nonetheless my reality is SO much stranger than any fiction I can ever write, that I’m even having to do that on a creative level!

One of the main reasons I have doubts about writing fiction is that I’m living a life that makes anything my characters do look mundane in some ways, and yet the manufactured need for consistant pacing in a book also feels phony, because a lot of what I do for real is about non-spectacular internal changes.

That was relevant in the dream, and I think the reason your fetish apperared by a fountain was that embracing those atavistic fears (instilled in childhood and by society) is a source of strength, refreshment, and nourishment to me on my path, whereas for most people, they try and avoid things that go bump in the night.

In my case it stood for everything that sets serious black magick apart from simply being “spiritual” and which would alienate even the people I know who admit to an interest in astrology, the Law of Attraction, etc., and they themselves are a bit far-out for the majority of humanist rationalist-leaning people I meet in that area of the creative arts.

That’s a pretty neat archetypal role for it to play, from me just encountering it via the photos you’ve posted since you joined!

Very interesting indeed, and I’m quite pleased to hear that it’s taken such a prominent place within your dreams…especially as such an important metaphorical representation.