Favourite Surprise Callers

This is going to be a little more light-hearted than the ‘Intro to the Overwhelming & Inescapable Darkness’ meditations I’ve been documenting from WoD, but here’s a recent occurence that surprised, charmed, and taught me, in a way I definitely didn’t expect. I’ve been hitting up all of the rudimentary basics of EA’s particular corpus lately, to ensure that particular set of background and experience before hitting on some of his advanced stuff that I’ve been wanting to try. One of these, that I tried just a bit ago, was the first self-hypnosis exercise in the Divination course. The way it turned out quite surprised me (which is of course further reassurance; at first I could tell that I was accidentally, artificially i.e. consciously shaping the scene, but when I fully slipped into the trance it went in a direction that I could definitely affirm was not my ordinary imagination).

This is the self-hypnosis where you are supposed to find yourself in a natural scene, it’s stated that people almost always find a chair or something similar there to sit on, and after a short time some one who can be considered to fill a teaching role is supposed to come in order to answer questions and hold conversation.

I at first found myself in the woods behind my father’s house, where I grew up. Everything was green, so my imagination is unbeholden to the wintry present, and I stood there taking in the forest’s sounds in front of the thickly overgrown rocks of a fire ring I had made when I was just a little guy years and years ago.

Well, since I was standing, there was no chair, and no one had arrived to commit to conversation with as yet, hard-headed old me decided for some reason to just consciously change my surroundings to something that ‘fit the exercise’ lol. I think this tendency comes from my lucid dreaming background, where I tend to actually think better of someone actively controlling their surroundings in an internal scene, and I also feel like this exercise was intended at that part of the course for people new to purposefully altered states and therefore unlikely to stray from whatever internal surroundings theuy initially found themselves in. But it develops from here.

I changed the scene to the top of a rocky outcrop a couple of miles away, in a ring of ancient extinct volcanic hills that surround the part of the world where I grew up in spurs of iron ore and reddish Martian-reminiscent dirt. There wasn’t a chair, but this was in my mind, so silly, lucid-dreaming champ me was quite pleased with himself to just create one on the peak of the outcrop, several weathered iron rocks resting mortarless against one another to form a hard but comfortably roomy seat. In this I did sit, and sure enough here came a human figure with a walking stick heading up a newly-existing dusty path that was now winding up the side of the high outcrop that hadn’t been easily accessible by foot just a moment before (Xuangzi’s path -does- exist!).

I began trying to make out who was approaching me, still arguing with myself over how much of this was going to be potential external communication, how much was just in my mind, and how much any of that mattered.

I began to see an unruly mass of wild, greyish hair. Was it Beethoven?!

A truly enormous moustache - an older Nietzsche…?

The figure rounded the last turn and arrived to sit down on another stony chair that suddenly appeared. It was - what the - Mark Twain?!!

I first questioned why he in particular had appeared - I had concluded that although his writing wasn’t a -huge- influence on me and hadn’t made him a mentor figure in my consciousness, the incidence of environs from my boyhood had brought about the connexion to certain of his themes. He answered swiftly, wittily, and leading on to countering questions with his answers, in a way that while outwardly combative can be seen by a certain type of argumentative gentleman as charming in its keen-mindedness.

He pretty much began to deconstruct my changing of the setting, lack of acceptance for the first thing that had come to my mind, and in my life much in the same way as with that rocky outcrop, being solely responsible for creating my surroundings because they were what -I- considered they -should- be, rather truly appreciating what might arise spontaneously without my constantly trying to shape and ‘improve’ it.

That the whole point of the exercise in my own mind wasn’t to display -control- over my mind, but in -this- case: to learn more about it by seeing what it naturally brings forth!

I remained polite but was still a bit shocked at just who my teacher figure in the exercise had turned out to be, and how very -real- our interaction seemed to be. I assured him that next time I would just let the scenes naturally arise, and inquired as to whether I should expect to encounter him as a guide in the future. He muttered that I should give no thought to the question, but -observe- my mental surroundings as they developed, haha!

Then he vanished, I withdrew from the trance, and watched the next little bit of video from which leaped out at me the part about the sitting position being considered ‘receptive’. Which instantly made me remember that I had originally appeared in the first scene standing, before I had begun shaping my mental environment. Food for thought, indeed.

So that’s my little humourous story about just who turned up to make me think some things over in that self-hypnosis.

Please chime in - do any of y’all have any cool stories of surprising appearances or wisdom coming from someplace unlooked-for?