Favourite Offerings/Gifts/ to Qliphotic Rulers and 4 Kings from Goetia

Looking for someone who has some experience in working with Qliphotic Rulers and 4 Directional Kings From Goetia. So the following:
Moloch, Satan, Lucifuge Rofocale, Adramalech, Beelzebub, Lilith etc.
And about Directional Kings: Amaymon, Egyn, Paimon and Oriens.
What do they like specificly? For example to make a deeper relationships for longer period of time. What is good to be a great gift for their personal help in my life?

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I work closely with Lilith. For her, I like to make artwork and recently share music with her. I’ve also cut off rose heads to gift to her, usually keeping them around till they dry out. Besides that, incense would be a nice gift too. It’s also up to what she might want, so if you work with her, I would ask.

My experiences for Satan is roses, liquor but nothing to sweet and likes a little spice in it so whisky or something close preferably smooth, chocolate once in a while but dark and if it’s filled nothing overly fruity. If your planning to offer food do something your comfortable with but if your ok with sharing a meal with him he loves that. His favorite is steak but on the rare side with some nice color on the outside (though if you can’t or don’t feel comfortable he understands) also side he likes some veggies but more dark greens but not to much. More a meat lover. From this incense like dragons blood is good, cinnamon is his favorite (my experience), black, reds, dark purples like royal purple, dark blues, some gold not to much. He also loves music something you’ll have to fill for your self.

Satan also loves when you make something on your own or stylize something to make it personal. He does love the ram skull I had given him. He also loves candles and stones. Black onyx or tourmaline is his go to, but he has others just feel it out. He is very connected to the earth in a primordial way so something old and full of history is one of the best gifts to him. But most of all to dedicate a space to him and for him only is a good choice when working with him.

From this he is not overly picky and will accept your gifts. And if it’s something he’s not fond of you will be able to tell. The final one is one that not everyone gives him but I do because of how comfortable I am to him, a few drops of blood on his sigil. Hope that helps.

I was wondering about wearing t shirt or clloth with the image of the entity. When I was reading the dictionare infernale I came across the image of Adramalech And felt something. I just started by doing two rituals. First was at thursday, second was today, sunday. I also ordered a custom t shirt due to fact I really liked it. But I also found that He is not popular like for example Goetic Spirits. I think I should change that

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That’s awesome! And yeah he’s not that popular besides the whole pathworking that most do on here. For me I work a bit differently with him then most do. It is a bit sad to see that he’s not as popular but you know that can be changed.

I am keeping a journal of my experiences and stuff about him in hopes that some one may find it useful.