Favorite Tarot Spreads to use?

Hi EA. You’ve said that you like to do multiple tarot spreads about situations and I was curious about some of the spreads you like the most or use most often together? Thanks and best wishes.

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Hey, I’m not EA obviously but I just thought you may be interesting in my experience of tarot. I’ve read, off and on, for 25 years and when I first started I experimented with just about every spread I could find. Now, it’s more of a wild free form experience of throwing cards down where order of issues that need to be read. I can go from one or two areas of cards to ten. it depends on the what needs to dealt with. I also stopped using the tradional cutting and letting the sitter shuffle method as I don’t like people touching my cards. I shuffle and I let the cards fall out spontaneously. It’s wild but it works. I guess what I’m saying is you can try free form. Hope this helped and I’m sure EA will reply with a much more learned and sensible answer than this. :smiley:


That’s really cool. I’m kind of at that experimenting stage.


The Septenary Spread

Cards 1,4 and 7 form the middle column. Cards 2 and 5 are on the left side and cards 3 and 6 are on the right side:

5 6


2 3
[This is the best representation I can post, but you get the layout]

Cards: 1,2 & 5 are negative energies
Cards: 1,3 and 6 are positive energies
Cards: 1, 4 and 7 what needs to be done to manifest card 7 or prevent it from arising.

Card 1 represents unconscious factors/distant past.
Cards 2 & 3 represent the more and less distant past or the unconscious becoming more conscious.
Card 4 represents the Present.
Cards 5 & 6 represent the immediate future and beyond.
Card 7 is the outcome.

There are also reasons why the number 7 is an important number when using the major arcana. See: Karmic Tarot by William C Lammey.

Otherwise I use the inverted pentagram spread where I assign my own meaning to the positions. It’s my reading so I’ll do what I like!



i just draw three…


Neat stuff guys. I’ll try them.

I like use cup
8 cards
…C C
C… C
… C C
right thing happing now
Left past
Top what I think about it
Bottom how I feel about it

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