Favorite Order of Nine Angles spirit


What’s your favorite spirit besides Satan that the Order of Nine Angles worships?

Mine is either Hostia or Atazoth. Share yours here if your a member or want to learn further about spirits of the Order of Nine Angles. I am a high degree.

Atazoth or Shaitan. My favourite sphere is Sun.

External Adept, Internal Adept, Master of Earth? I sincerely doubt anyone who has progressed beyond second-degree initiation would reveal themselves to be of high degree; Atu V should have made sure of this, Falcifer too.

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I’m the order of nine angles leader

What’s the secret to organise the time for the Sex orgies, the rituals, the very hard daily Sport discipline and running a Business?

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It has no leader.


Man, get out of here lmao

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