Father Lucifer

I made an invocation to the morning star, Lucifer. I saw him. White skin, black hair, black wings, blue eyes, playful. Is that him?


They can appear in an infinite number of ways.


He’s known to appear different to people. That matches some accounts. Others seen him blonde and white wings. Some with no wings.


Ohh that makes sense, thank you

Exactly that.

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You’d have to keep trying , spirits will always have different appearances

He has been appearing a lot lately. Bringing advice I take that as a good sign, he even helped me astral projecting.

That is amazing! I have not seen him yet, but it’s probably because I’m on antidepressants and sleep like the dead, LOL! I imagine him to be very handsome and charismatic of course.

You can develop your clairvoyance and clairsentience to help with this. I take magnesium at night due to PTSD and honestly, dreams are too full of random things the mind’s dealing with to use it as a single source of info.