Fate servants

I should probably put this in the evocation category, but it’s not an evocation thing, it’s more like a question to gain some insight on this.

NOTE: I will explain some things about the fate series in order to inform the people who don’t know about it and then I’ll ask my question because if I don’t explain perhaps no one will be able to answer it if he hasn’t seen it XDD. It’s more like a stupid question, but since I was wondering, I guess why not XD It’s food for thought at least.

I don’t know if you have watched the fate series (fate/zero, fate/stay night (UBW), Fate/Grand order) or if you have played the games. In the series/games then, there are spirit servants based on people from history or folk tales that are actually divided in classes (Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Berserker, Assassin, (Shielder), Caster) though one servant can be in multiple classes (for example there is a servant that you can summon him as a lancer or rider, depending on the way you summon him and on your abilities).
Every servant has a special ability called noble phantasm, that ability is based on the spirit’s lifetime on Earth. For example the Greek demigod Hercules has a noble phantasm that allows him to return from the dead 12 times (because he did 12 labours.

There are people called masters, who are humans and they actually call the servants in our world. Every master has one servant and there is one servant out of each class so: 7 classes = 7 servants = 7 masters at a time.
Every master is given 3 command spells that can actually be used to command their servants do anything the masters wants if the spirit doesn’t obey him. However if the master use the command spell to say “Teleport to me” the servant no matter where he is, he will be teleported there, which means the command spell can actually alter time and space if needed.

The reason for all of that is for the holy grail war. The 7 masters fight each other and the remaining one wins the holy grail and actually can have a wish of his liking, no matter how reality chaning it is to be granted by the grail itself.

Let me add here that the servants are spirits but their bodies are physical when they get summoned. A master summons a servant and the servant comes to the physical world with a physical body for as long as he stays alive. He stays in the physical realm because he feeds from his master’s energy. In other words, if a servant’s master die, the servant unless he finds a new master, he will die in an hour or two after his master’s death (archers can stay alive without a master but that’s one of their special abilities).

If a master loses a servant, he can forfeit from the war, or he can make a new pact with a servant that has lost his master (from the ones that have been summoned because no new servant can be summoned after the start of the war). If a servant loses his master he will dissapear unless he can make a new pact with another person who has no servant (it can make a pact even with a stranger as long as the person’s energy is enough to feed him).

Well, there are some psycho spirits, some heroic ones, some noble one, etc.

In the series, in order to summon a specific spirit you needed a catalyst that would symbolise the spirit. But I don’t think that would be needed here since we all summon spirits to talk with just like that.

I didn’t explain it very well but you got an idea if you didn’t know about it.

The reason I said all of this is because I was wondering if we can make that happen (not the grail war, the physical summoning of a spirit that can stay here as long as it feeds from a source of energy).
I mean, just like masters summon their servants. People have seen the anime/games a lot so I guess it could work in the astral plane, but I’m talking about physical manifestation.

I explained it the best I could, though the people that know about the fate series can add info and give me an answer to my question. If we can make that work with some way, we will make a huge way towards our true selves because…it’s overpowered XD

PS: Really sorry for the long post XD.


I think the best we can do is have the spirit inhabit an object. Then it would be easier for them to act in the physical world. It would be better if it was something the spirit likes so their connection is stronger or something associated with the spirit.

If we are using anime examples Spice and Wolf. Holo is a wolf spirit of the harvest. She can take human form but for her to maintain it she needs to be near the wheat of the village she protects. She wears a pouch of wheat around her neck.

Lucifer suggested a plain silver ring would be sufficient for any spirit if you want to be connected with them as you go about your day.


I see, so I can bound a spirit to a silver ring and I put energy to it and they draw the energy from the ring. I can make a pact of sorts with the spirit too just like in fate. However, how will that work with physical manifestation?
I mean, the servants aren’t 100% humans, they’re partly spirits even if when they get summoned, but others can see them and they can touch things etc.


Evoking Astolfo



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I wouldn’t bind the spirit but make it like an anchor in the physical world. It would inhabit the ring but not really be bound to it. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know the details.


I agree that it’s a better way. However, I still don’t know the result of this. I need to research it more I guess

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It’s been 20 days but since I have this, I’ll just leave it here since I’m interested. Perhaps performing a ritual like that (the Fuyuki or the other ones) may give some sort of results? However, some parts may need to change, I mean, there is no holy grail giving us power here. but you know what I mean…