Fasting and spiritual death

Is it true that fasting can lead to a spiritual death?

Nope, not in any way, shape or form. Not even actual physical death causes spiritual death.

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Who told you this? Must be an absolute troll.

Your spirit is most probably immortal, and indestructible probably too. Fasting out of all things can’t kill your spirit. Most of the times it polishes it even.

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So is fasting actually connects you to your spirit?

Yes in my experience. I have seen a lot of people also getting nice results with a planned fasting as well. Although this won’t be the case every single time for sure. But I have both experienced and saw it helping another people here.

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What is the minimum days needed to fast to connect myself to my spirit?

I am afraid that is for you to find out :smiley:

What is spiritual death?

It doesn’t exist :smiley:

But from a human perspective you can describe death from the point f view of those left behind, which is, “the person goes away and never comes back”.

So if a spirit, which is outside of space and time, goes away and never comes back, what space does it go away from? This current multiverse probably? And if it’s outside of time, WHEN does it go away?

So the I AM presence never manifests ever, in any place at any time, they cease have ever existed in this spacetime multiverse.

I think this is possible, as long as everybody who ever knew about it or will know about it forgets t. However, the spirit still exists, and is free to manifest in other multiverses.

Death is not a real thing.

No! That is absurd. If you are interested in fasting never do more than 21 days, and that is after you have done shorter ones. Start out maybe just one day drink only water. Then go back to eating for a week or two. Then maybe 3 days etc. NEVER do a “dry fast” which is no food or water. So dangerous you would die in 3 days. If you have any health problems do research and talk to a doctor. Obviously diabetes makes fasting impossible. There is a clinic in the pacific northwest called “true north” which is a fasting clinic run by real doctors but it is really expensive which is why I did not go there. Just don’t do it too long, do research etc. Fasting may help psychic abilities, not sure.

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