Fasting and magick

With RavenAscents help, I have made strides from being a hopeful skeptic to being a believer who can’t pull off a successful evocation due to some lingering lack of faith. But fuck me if I will give up. Has anybody tried fasting as a way to help my problem? It’s not like I’m an atheist. I guess I just need something to help push me over the edge. I’ve come way to far to revert back to Christianity.

I would suggest immersion.

Meditation; Theta Gamma Synch; Energy Work; Ritual such as WoD Entering Darkness, and the candle attunements; Then do some candle magic and some sigil magic; live breath and eat magic. Level 1 of Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon has some good methods for charging your food and drink with self-development goals, along with breathing in those same goals which have been impressed into the air around you. You can do lots of things, then after a bit of confidence has been built bust out the circle and triangle for a good evocation.

I really recommend energy manipulation because you can learn sensing and seeing energy in your minds eye. This translates to perceiving spirits, astral phenomena and structures, and basically anything supernatural. When I see such things physically it is like my minds eye is being impressed upon my physical vision…Almost as if my consciousness has risen to a state where mind and physicality merge. Same goes for clairaudience and the rest.

Hope this helps, imagination is the limit,

I agree with Neeros, immersion, repetition and sheer blooding mindedness will get you there.

I still have problems when scying with the left hand brain kicking in and saying “this isn’t real, it’s all made up”. So I will scry and scry and scry ad infinitum and until it gives up and it’s now beginning to do that.

The occult is 99% perspiration just like any worthwhile endeavour.