Fastest way to open up spiritually?

I’m going through a spiritual rebirth after hitting rock bottom for the last year of my life. Things are picking up but I’m curious to know how I can help emphasise the awakening? Any ideas please anyone?




A few ideas I now have are to concentrate on Sahasrara and use its mantra AUM,
do many cycles of Nadi Shodhana (close “nostril 1” e.g. the right one with your thumb, inhale for 6 seconds or more, close also the other nostril with ring finger and pinkie, pause for 3 seconds, open “nostril 2” and exhale for 6 sec., inhale for 6, close nostrils for 3 secs etc.) and Ujjayi Pranayama (breathe almost with your throat so as to produce a sound; don’t close nostrils and it’s not necessary to pause, but keep the counting: equal inhalation and exhalation)


Mastering divination course. It will open you up. I’ve worked through it and the soul travel course.
Each course changed me. My life will never be the same. Worth way more then they charge.

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Great feed, I was literally thinking about how to improve communication with the spirit realm this afternoon. I’ve gone through a real block recently. I meditate, well try to every day. Its possibly because I think I doubt what I’m hearing and dismiss it. Just can’t shift the mind set that it is just me willing it so I’m just imagining it. Any suggestions on cracking that nut of a mind set ?

Expand your perception. Divination is also a good suggestion. Specifically scrying. Just get into trance and lose reality.

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I didn’t want this to come across as a hijack of divinemily post. Just had a similar thing spiritual speaking. Synchronisity is a strange thing. I want to apologise to divinemily if she felt that way

Ive meditated in cemeteries to try to sense the spirits and practice creating a protective bubble. They always try to touch you while you meditate, i swear they do it every time at my cemetery. So id create my bubble and push them off. Good practice

Also a great way to anger some spirits, make sure you tell them what you were doing and why, say thanks, and make an offering.

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Congrats! If you are at the start of awakening, and you know what’s going on, you are in a good spot. Awakening usually hits people out of nowhere and causes unfortunate problems.

I think it’s a great time for emotional and psychological “realignment”. It’s a time when the crusty layer of bullshit that builds up on our genuine selves can come off.

You’ll know what to do.

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