Fastest way to develop astral senses?

I wanna talk with a specific spirit but always had a hard time with my astral senses and they are not developed at all. I am desperate to talk with this specific spirit and i wonder what will be the fastest way to develop this ability.


Practice trancework.


and summon them and talk to them. Ask them to come to your dreams. Ask them for signs. Use a pendulum and automatic writing etc. The more you work the more your senses will develop.

Just keep meditating bro , whatever you focus on grows. Just sharpen the minds eye and ears and you’ll be bound to hear and see — others are gifted in other things , for this it comes very easy for some e.g my brother who does communication effortlessly whereas for me it took many years of meditating. Gladly so :slight_smile: take care !


Where is the minds ears

Go to the astral and work on your senses while there. Astral senses are using your clairs in the astral, using them outside the astral doesn’t exactly make them useful within the astral.

Inside your mind :slight_smile:

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  1. as i have put this, is a number one thing you shall get over “desperation” other call it lusting for results is the first thing a magician must come over in order to develop a continual success for everything he does. When you are desperate to attain something is most likely you wont get it. so the first thing that is going to guarantee success not just for this work but for every work you will do in the future they call it MAGIC PSYCHOLOGY its all about proper mindset a magician must have to have more success on his magic and trust me this has nothing to do with the laws of attraction, so start digging up

  2. Every evocation is successful. Yes it is, what i mean by this is that is not till you see spirits visibly is when you say “my evocation was successful”, not at all there are sometimes you wont see or even sense a spirit and what you ask will be delivered, and even if it wont then dont say evocation was not successful, know that there must be a reason why nothing happened, and its your job as a magician to find the reason.

as Damon brand wrote on his book treat evocation as phone call, when you call a person and they pick up a phone and decided to remain silent, but despite the silence you decide to talk anyway and then hang up the phone, even if they didnt speak to you but he heard what you said, similar way to evocation even if you didnt see the spirit but he has heard your need, and believe they will help you.

how to improve your astral senses,

  1. meditation. evocation works best when we silence our inner chatter and open up our senses to hear the spirit and meditation teaches you that, meditation and yoga are like engine/work place for your evocation, so try to find the best meditations and start practicing you will see over time your spirit communication is improving

  2. mantras there are plenty of mantras that can help to improve trance, opening up astral senses, improving your psychic ability etc. trying reciting these mantras do help a lot

  3. Find a method that works best for you. there are some people who love evocations, other prefer invocation, while others loves channeling and each have their own reasons but one thing i know for sure people loves method that have alot of benefits and work best for them so choose one and use it regularly , here is a list with simple definitions of some of the methods

and a simple advice i may give you, i once learned it through my own experiences and i found Damon Brand said similar thing on one of his books he states(or something similar like this) "I have rushed magic more times that i couldn’t remember, but i have learned magic is not to be rushed"

meaning magicians including i at that time we always want fastest way of doing this, fastest way of doing that yes it good thing we want to be ahead of time but not everything in magic can be attained in “fastest way” some will take longer time so patience and persistance are important for a magician

i hope it is helpful , wishing you all the best