Fast way to know wtf it's going on

Hi, i wanna know if there’s a fast way to know to know what’s going on, ive used dowsing rods with King Paimon but he didn’t moved them, tho i felt an energy

So this it’s the story, My boss didn’t want me to continue to work with them, they offered me to sign a contract without knowing the amount of money they would Give me, basically sign whatever they wanted, the other option was to pay them (theyre Bad people that has money enough to intimidate) because they thought My Work Wasnt good enough, so if i signed in that moment they wouldnt Make me pay (so kind i know), i didn’t sign because if i did it and they gave me a dollar, because i sign then i couldnt Say a thing

I tried to explain them that it was better for Both of us to fix it without suing and they simply didn’t answer, the thing it’s that evidence its on their cameras, i can’t prove that they tried to fck me over and if they decide they don’t want to show their devices then i’m fckd up

So i called Duchess Bune and Belial to help me, i gave My boss an ultimatum but he didn’t answer, i thought that Both of them were fine with the petition since after i called them i saw two lightings strikes and days after i was worry cuz My boss didn’t answer, but when i recieve the delivery food, had a poststick with a message saying that it was about to be alright

I asked in the forum but tbh the answers are not very detailed as i need, and i get it, i Wasnt very specific

So i wanna know what can i do to solve this on My favor and if those signs were just coincidences

Any tips would help

Get a lawyer to write a letter, as it sounds like you have grounds to sue for unfair dismissal and possible illegal shenanigans and/or breach of contract. A letter is cheap and doesn’t need to you retain the lawyer to get it done.

Try Orias to change inner thoughts.

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Thanks for replying, i’m gonna do that and back to Say how it went, any insides about the post stick?

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Awesome, good luck! :smiley:

Autocarrot might have altered your message there, I’m not sure what the question is?

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Thanks, i ordered food and they leave a post stick saying that everything Will be ok, they obviously dont know me so i thought that maybe was a message from this entities

A Postit note? As in a sticky note stuck to the door? If you feel it’s a sign, then it’s a sign. Trust your intuition on that one :smiley: People have seen signs in the way cables lay on the floor, it’s really between you and your entities, not all signs are for everyone and not everyone can see your signs just meant for you.

But if you’re asking me my opinion on our sign, I think yes it’s a sign, and the spirit worked through the carrier so that you would notice it and feel it was important.