Fast sleep

Is there a spirit you guys know of that could make oneself fall asleep fairly quickly. Yes I have worked an 8 hour graveyard shift and I need my sleep. Cause I do another one tonight. Any ideas?:joy:


Basically you use this like a sigil and chant the words in a decrescendo. Loudly to softly. The bottom line is the pronunciation.

My experience with these sigils is that they work better the more often you use them, but they do indeed work- even without the image once you memorize the words.

I’m sure if you can memorize the words and the image, you could quite easily program your brain to immediately fall asleep after imagining the image and saying the words.

It just might take a few days or more in practice.

I personally chant sleep slowly in my mind when I’m struggling. I have issues with I will trance out but never sleep, so I have to work to go to sleep.

Likely because I usually project from the same place I sleep, but I can’t be sure lol.


This is a bit late but I’ll throw it in here anyway. It’s not a spirit but a kind of mindhack. You know when you’re so sleepy that you can barely keep your eyes open? Your eyes keep closing and you have to try really hard to keep opening them?

Try this: Close your eyes for a few seconds and then open them briefly. Close them again for another few seconds then open them again, for a shorter amount of time. Keep extending the amount of time your eyes are closed and decreasing the amount of time your eyes are open.

Basically you’re trying to mimic what it’s like to be so sleepy that keeping your eyes open feels like effort. It can take some practice but I find after a few minutes your body starts responding as though you actually are so tired that you can’t keep your eyes open.


There are also progressive muscle relaxation exercises to relax the body, and melatonin works well for me as a sleep supplement. Your brain already produces melatonin, so this is just more of that. Not medical advice.

There’s also a Greater Words of Power sigil for peaceful sleep and dreams. I once used it in a hotel when there was a loud tv blaring next door. It went off immediately after the ritual.

greater words of power doesn’t use any entities right? It’s just incantations or like what


To my knowledge it’s at least connected to the archangel Metatron (through various names of Metatron, which is a Metatron thing) and the 72 Godnames.