Fast Acting Manipulation Spell With An Added Boost By King Paimon

OK I’ve used this spell a few times now and it hasn’t failed me yet.
Here’s what you will need for the spell.
A small table to use as an altar
1 black candle
Frankensense resin and incense burner
Controlling oil (I usw the BeWyld brand)
Master of the Woods herbs (not completely neccesary but definentle helps)
Chalice of whiskey or rum (if you don’t have either of these water works OK)
A link to your target such as a personal belonging,picture,or handwriting. (Hair is not rwccomended because you will be holding it over the flame of the candle)
Piece of blank white paper or brown paper bag and a pen
And of course the sigil of King Paimon (The second sigil from the Goetia really does work better!)

I use a few wooden sigil and prop it up with a small plate holder but it’s not necessary. It just makes the altar look more intriguing which can help you get into the mindset required to perform the spell.

First take the paper and write your targets name five times in a column.
Turn the paper counterclockwise until the target’s name is upside down.
Cross the victim’s name with yours symbolizing your control over them.
Then write a short sentence of your intent around the names without lifting the pen.

Next annoint the candle with the controlling oil envisioning your target doing what you desire.
Now take the oil and place a dab on each corner of the paper then one dab in the center of the paper.
Now sprinkle the Master of the Woods herbs onto the paper over the names and intent.
Roll the candle through the herbs and place it behind the sigil of King Paimon which should be closest to you with the paper in the center and paper in the middle.

Now take the offerings of frankensense and alcohol and place them close together with the incense sensor.
Place your pointer fingers and thumbs together to form a gesture called the Triangle of Manifestation.
Look through the triangle at the offerings and envision any impurities leaving them.
I usually see this as energetic smoke rising from the offerings.

Now state:“May these offerings be blessed and made pure.May they take form of whatever the great and mighty King Paimon desires.”

Place the incense burner on the lefthand side of the altar and the chalice to the right.
Light the coal for the incense and begin opening the sigil of King Paimon.
Once the sigil is opened and his presence felt (I usually feeling a very suffacting feeling.Like the room us getting smaller and an energetic field is closing in on me.) state to Paimon that you call upon him for his assistance in this spell.
Tell him the desired outcome of the spell then tell him to receive his offerings.
Annoint his sigil with your libation of choice and pass it through the incense smoke.
Now place it back where it was.

Now fold the paper up accordingly and place the candle on top of the paper.
Light the candle and relax.
Hold the link to your target over the flame.
Be careful not to burn yourself or destroy the link.Hold it just close enough for the flame to heat the link up.

Now close your eyes and imagine a short scenario of the target doing what you wish.
I usually picture the target saying a sentence over and over in my head that has signifigance to what I want them to do.

Example:If you want them to loan you money picture them holding cash in their hand and saying something like “Here’s the money you need to fix your car.”

Do this for as long as you can.
When your concentration begins to wane take that as a sign of your desire being spent.

End the spell with saying out loud something that aggressively confirms your power over them such as "(Targets name) I bind you to my will.You will (state your intent) to the fullest of my desire.
Use your intuition on what to say.Let your emotions and will guide you.
If anger causes you to control this person then let that anger come out.Use your imagination.

If the link is something like handwriting,place the paper under the candle along with the name paper.
If not place it next to the candle so the wax can drip onto it.

Thank King Paimon for his help and simply walk away leaving the candle to burn all the way down.
Leave the altar in tact until the desired outcome is achieved.

Like I said this spell gas worked VERY fast for me.
I used it a couple of weeks ago and my target did EXACYLY what I desired within 5 hours!

Well there you go boys and girls!
Have fun taking over the world with this one!



EA Koetting did do a video on the subject, “How to shamelessly manipulate others”

I tried it on someone who we’ve had problems with that I wanted to get on speaking terms with, In a civil matter. They’re experienced in the occult and i was afraid they had a “Barrier” against it but I decided to use a photo of (and dont judge) His girlfriend to convince him, After i performed this i waited 2 days and messaged her and she agreed to talk to him about it.

Now, If something that simple could be powerful, I might use this as a follow up.

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Thank you for the tip!

I am going to substitute it with licorice powder and then share the results (don’t have access to the oils yet)

I have been keenly looking at King Paimon and studying him for a while.I guess this post is his invitation for me to bring forth his help in a problem I have now.

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