Fascination, Magnetism, The Gaze

Hey Guys Ody here.

(All things i wrote here is my personal finding & experiences of years of practice and search)
(it is also Explaining Fascination and also asking questions to you guys, because it is a very old tradition that it very most likely impossible to find any real infos about it…)

^(Excuse the poor english, i am french lol)

So i am interested in knowing practical stuff about Fascination, yes Fascination not hypnosis or mesmerism or vashikaran (even tho vashikaran is kinda similar)

Fascination commonly refers to the act of fascinating or to immobilize by the by the gaze only .

I Started few years ago to become hightly interested about it and made hours and hours of search about it, having bookmarks, translating stuff from different language to french or english, meeting people that practice it… Basically spend a lot of time understanding it but for what is it about practicing it its very vague , you almost dont find anything or the ones who practice it never let you know the secrets.

By my finding i will explain you what this is exactly and what are the process to devlop it
Its seem like that the power of the gaze is HIGHLY influenced by the kundalini energy (Prana, Chi)
And sexual energy play a big role on it because when you rise the sexual fluid up to highter levels it seem
that the operator exude an irresistible personal magnetism (Aura, sexual aura… Charisma)
I had experience in pure celibacy while transmuting the fluid into others forms of subtle energy and could litterally see that there was something mystical to it (Atleast if you do it correctly.

  • Raw Sexual energy is called Qi in TCM and Prana in in indian cultures
  • Sperm or seminal fluid is called Jing in TCM but in indian cultures it refer to Vīrya (vital fluid)

When Sex energy & Fluids are transmuted by alchemy it end up being in another form of subtle energy called Shen in TCM and Ojas Shakti in indian cultures (Both shen & ojas mean Spirit)

You may now ask yourself why do you i talk to you about Sexual Alchemy…
Because from this process you can create personal magnetism and by it echance your mind power (Shen) which will later on lead to devlopping the gaze…

Now that you have devloped your inner fire it will help you to devlop the power of the gaze (Evil eye, fascination)
Because when you were devloping your inner fire in correct methods such as BREATH and CONCENTRATION you was in fact also devloping our gaze (The focus).

I Am a French dude and by being french i had the chance to came across books that talk about Fascination, found some practical ones but not alot sadly… most of there are out of prints and
also had the honor to interview someone called “Marco paret” He hes someone that has the knownledge of this power and know the techniques of it, sadly he dont want to explain them, the only two he showed me are a mirror method and a trataka method that i practice daily and see incredible power to it (But after months doing it of course!)

Im just letting you know that people still practice Fascination in modern live.

I initially started this in 2014 since now i came across of the roots of Fascination (In india it started then went to italia most likely) but sadly since all those years on and off i have never found anyone giving practical informations in long term to it.

This stuff is real and i suggest you to practice few exercices on the book mental Fascination by atkinson you will notice that there ispower to your gaze and mental talking,

If anyone has any practical informations to it beside the trataka stuff that you can find everywhere i would highly appreciate the help to it.

( I have more stuff to tell you guys but having using this power on & off i think people will misuse it so if anyone is also interested in Fascination please message me)

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So are you saying that you want to know about raising sexual energy and channeling it though your gaze so you can control people?

yes and no, i explained on how the sex energy can be used to devlop the skill

Some of this is slightly garbled and contradicting to what is tought by the masters such as Jwing Ming Yang and Mantak Chia, s well as what I was taught 20 years ago by my qigong teachers.

First of all, TCM means “Chinese Traditional Medicine”, it’s not qigong (Qi Training), and contains only CCP approved watered down techniques, and other idea that are not qigong like herbalism - best not to confuse the two. TCM leverages qigong but is not qigong, or neigong and discourages in depth qi training.

Well, ALL lifeforce energy is called Qi in qigong.
There are three main types of Qi, Cosmic Qi, Earth Qi and Human Qi. Not all Qi is sexual qi.
Human energy is also called Ren Qi, sexual energy has it’s own name (I forgot), in qigongs parallel (but not identical to) to tantra sexual energy is converted to “sperm qi” to nourish the Shen.

Sperm or seminal fluid is called Jing
Just sperm. Seminal fluid is a separate thing, it gets mixed in with sperm during ejaculation and is basically a lubricant, but it is not alive like sperm are and does not contain Jing.

Yes, Shen is your spirit. Nourishing the Shen by bringing is what makes your spirit stronger.

Using sexual energy is a specific technique and the one Mantak Chia say is the reason he looks 50 but is 80.

The full technique relies on semen retention. You masturbate to build more sexual energy, but you alchemise it and and you stop being turned on when you’re done.

This does two things: you don’t lose your Jing through ejaculating, and the converted spern qi nourishes Shen.
This has longevity benefits, as the Chinese believe that losing Jing is how we age. But most people here don’t want to have to rarely come (only to make babies) to live longer. That limits it’s use in the West these days.

So, I’m curious: what are your goals here?

  • Are you doing a Yellow Emperor thing and basically vampirising the sexual energy of partners as well?
  • Do you retain to keep your Jing?
  • Do you not retain and find it’s ok to do a partial conversion of sexual energy to sperm qi? (if that’s what you’re doing?)
  • Are you simply only using this to increase sexual magnetism and you don’t care about the benefits in spiritual development and longevity?

You didn’t actually explain HOW to do that, you recommended a book that has this information, though it seems to have taught you incorrectly about how qi works.

The the information on developing qi with exact energy exercises is available in Jwing Ming Yang’s The Root of Chinese Qigong for anyone that’s interested, also Mantak Chia has several books explaining all aspects in more bite-sized format including 2 or 3 on sexual techniques.

There are many more, but I recommend Chinese authors that learned in China and have reptations for passing on ancient techniques not watered down. One you have the tools and know the mechanics you can always use this for your own uses without learning bad habits and questionable ideas from people that didn’t pay attention to how it actually works. Let’s not do to qigong what the lazy did to Reiki. No shortcuts, if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing in full.

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Furthermore, he’s right to say your post is garbled. I was just looking for clarification so I could decipher the op.