Farm Animal Abusers - Time to Work

I really wish these assholes would learn a brutal lesson.

Nobody here owes me anything, but if you have any mojo to spare, these fine folk need some hard lessons about how to treat animals that give us so much.

If you need some cursing practice, this is fair game:

(Mod note, I had to remove video because it’s aginst our rules to call for baneful work on identifiable targets, but OP is correct that this is extreme. Please PM @Rahnoren for details.)


Bloody hell, that was horrific. The mothers crying so hard for their tortured calves they lost their voices.

Words fail me. :pray:


Don’t tell me, let me guess - related to meat eating?


Dairy mostly. Nothing as bad as China’s annual dogmeat festival though.

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I’ll help. My Seidr will burn their crops.


Not good enough to help but im 100% with you.


Nah not meat eating. Abuse of the animal while it’s alive. Vile stuff. These people need to be trampled and left for dead.


Does this include the Amish puppy mills?

Sorry for violating community rules by posting the vid. Just angry.

A youtube search for recent farm abuse vids should yield the specific undercover operation that blew the whistle in a particular farm.

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Well i’m sure human cruelty has no bottom, but this is about an undercover op that blew the whistle on the abuse of dairy farm animals.

If you are going to take all it’s milk, and milk it dry, take it’s newborns, then turn it into dinner, maybe a bit of respect and professionalism on the job wouldn’t hurt.

Those that are cruel to animals, any farm, game or pet animal, should be made to suffer before they die.

Just my humble opinion.


A similar thing happened in my area, where a man let 2 dozen cows die of starvation and disease. He’s been arrested, and boy does he look like a loser. I’ve been too busy to do a curse, but like OP, if anyone has the time/energy.

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I’ll lend whatever help I can, whether it be energy if servitors, I’m here to help punish these monsters


Let me in. I have some curse sigils yet to be used, and i need the target practice.


Wonderful. I love it.

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Because I have so little mercy to spare I treat it preciously. When I choose a victim I don’t care if the ‘innocent’ get caught up in the working. When the military of every government launches operations, lots of innocents die. Their often horrid deaths are casually written off as ‘collateral damage’. The Xtian god is a callous, angry, jealous prick who happily caused the flood. Talk about collateral damage! Moreover, all animals are inherently innocent but were shown no mercy. What’s good enough for others is just fine with me. And I revel in my practised ability to go real low. The average price for a human being is a few dollars per dozen on the hoof. They’re not endangered. Loosen up!


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Does that mean you are joining us in stopping the abuse? By all means play by your own rules, but don’t just sit on the sidelines yelling at the players :joy:.

If anyone doesn’t know where to start, I once did a vinegar jar spell on an especially abusive animal testing lab (vinegar, urine, rusty nails, and other nasty stuff in a jar with a scrap of paper with the lab’s name on it). Once the spell was done, I buried the jar. Took a while, but the target went bankrupt.


I would like to join.
no need for video material.
animal abuse turns me into a psychopathic monster anyhow.



Its low, without dignity or respect even for themselves.
There should be NO MERCY AT ALL subhumans who do that.