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When i started out with the occult the first book i got my hands on was Summoning spirits by Konstantinos. In this book one of the things that was said was that human beings are the only known creatures tha inhibit the 3 plain of existance, the psysical,mental and astral. When i was a small child me and my family moved to a heavily catholic area and i was severely bullied and ostrocised by just about everybody for not being a christian. Needless to say i didnt have any friends. My only friends were the books i was reading, i started with greek mythology as soon as i learned to read. Soon after i developed an interest in world history which persists to this day. I started to develop and i still maintain a heavily advanced fantasy world worthy of an amazing book, but even that couldnt describe it well enough. It always overlaps reality and is heavily influenced by world history, mythology, philosophy, sciences and well of course me. In this world i am an emperor and what i noticed is that when a real world issues is resolved metaphoricly in my fantasy world (usually through war) there are real life consequences in my favor, sometimes small sometimes big. So i thought about it and i wonder is this place actually real on the mental or the astral? I wrote an “imperial proclamation” about my issue some time ago and well it dissapeared. How does it work? There clearly is something to it. How do i find answers?

Oh, btw do you have a fantasy world? :slight_smile:

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I think any thoughts to which we give consistent and large amounts of energy and time do develop into real aspects of the astral realm. This goes along with the popular occult concept of developing your astral temple.

Have you tried astrally projecting or soul traveling to your fantasy world? You may be surprised at what kinds of beings and culture are flourishing there by now even without your conscious input. :smiley:


Wow how amazing guys. I need to practice envisioning more.

What is Real?

That’s always an awesome question to play with. Are numbers real? Some philosophers including Pythagoras think that numbers and geometric proportions are more real than the physical.
Writing or talking about your fantasy world puts evidence of its existence onto this material plane. Molecules of matter and watts of energy have been rearranged by in their mathematical perfection as a reaction to your world.

If the term “real” is reserved only for things that affect the material plane in objective ways, one would still have to account for the physical changes being caused by this conversation. Thusly, your fantasy world is real.


Oh wow, Konstantinos, that is a name I have not heard in ages. I picked up both Nocturnal Witchcraft and Gothic Grimoire as a young teenager. Very useful stuff at the time, but a bit cringey to read through these days lol.


i dont know soul travel but would like to learn. :slight_smile:

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