Fantasy moves incorporated in magickal practice?

I’m sure this is more in the chaos magick department, but i felt it more like a general discussion. if it’s suited better there, my apologies.

By “Fantasy moves in magickal practice” I mean can actions of power from media to be used effectively in ritual form, whether implemented into an already existing ritual, or a ritual in-and-of themselves? I’ll provide examples.

Example: A practitioner wants curse someone. They decide to implement the iconic Force Choke from Star Wars to destroy their victim or " suffocate them" or " squeeze the lifeforce out of them." Or perhaps a Thanos snap! Imagining destructive energy surrounding their hand, and with the snap of a finger the energy is sent; and the victim is now “Ashes.” How plausible are these, and other things like this for implementation?

Not even just for curse work, but maybe there are actions for other forms of media for healing or energy raising or other such things. Chaos magickians use circles and symbols from media and call to Gods and characters (like the 4 chaos Gods from warhammer for example) so why not actions as and movements as well?

What is the plausibility for implementations of actions such as this? Would it be more symbolic or have possibility of doing similar, more realistic effects to the source material? Is it just nerdy wishful thinking? Has anyone tried anything similar to this?


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Yes, they can be utilized. However, their effects would be limited to those possible in the physical world. For example, the “Thanos Snap” as you called it, would not reduce your target to ash. It would merely be a symbolic gesture to send out your Will (the snapping of fingers is actually a traditional gesture for sealing spells).

In his book Hands on Chaos Magick, Adrieh Vitimus talks about using the Kamehameha wave from DBZ as a banishing.