Fantasy life

Honestly I just more and more wanna live in a fantastic world, I wanna fight vampires, werewolves, dragons etc, time travel the whole 9 yards, I just can’t stand reality, my way of going about this is finding a way to reach the multiverse, it’s my best chance, I just had to get that off my chest :grinning:


You know every time someone says that here there is someone else in another dimension going
I hate this life, i wish i could live in a world where i didn’t have to deal with constant vampire outbreaks or being ripped apart by packs of rampaging werewolves and definitely not have to worry about the 60 ton fire breathing lizards destroying everything we try to build. Sorry just had to get that off my chest. Sigh, give me the stake and let’s get this over with.

I guess everyone feels that way from time to time. :grin:


People who get lost in fantasy tend to have an unfulfilling reality. Think of how to make your life better and more fulfilling you have more magick and access to it than any time in history. Use it.


I can relate to how he feels though. The things i went through as a child my only way out was to “escape” to fantasy worlds either by my own imagination or through books.


I agree with Arianna. I relate to how he feels as well. I believe a lot of people here can relate to those feelings.

Thing is, if you feel like that, it means you aren’t happy with your current life.

You got access to unfathomable power - use it and change your current life until you are happy you’re living it.

And then, perhaps, one day, when you are powerful enough, you will be able to travel to a fantasy world.


You want a life fighting dragons… Until you meet a dragon.


Ive met dragons. …i wasnt fighting them…why would you fight them? They have never harmed me. Actually they have been great allies.
I think they only go berserk if you piss them off.


Dude, I love being a dragon, but at the same time it’s fucking terrifying. Your senses are heightened to the point where the world on all levels becomes alien and you can create and destroy everything at will.
Same with vampiric energy, lycanthropy, fighting aforementioned and other creatures (the fluffy unicorn is the most terrifying badass of all), just meeting spirits is an experience that I both love and fear.
Idk about you but sometimes a break from the spirit world and fantasy is a nice thing. (This is coming from someone who bought seven fictional books from a thrift store yesterday, had three books related to magic studies delivered, and just started reading World War Z, lol).


#.:. Read: John Kreiter’s book about servitor companions! .:.

I understand dude, but the thing is, I just can’t stand the thought of working 9to5 job for the rest of my life, pay taxes, have kids, get a house in the suburbs etc, I don’t wanna take the traditional path, I’m kinda relying on the multiverse theory to help me with this

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I need to find a ways to access all realities and dimensions, aka the multiverse, I understand what you are saying but I just don’t see a way out of my life sometimes but fantasy

That’s why I’m gonna learn to control vibrational frequency so I can come and go as I please

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If you don’t see a way to fix your life with magick, then you won’t be able to access all realities and dimensions.

Simple as that.


Wouldn’t it be easier to become a Fantasy author? :thinking:


Fine, that’s cool.
How about starting a business you can do online from anywhere and using the money to travel the world and see new places? Hook up with different foreign women? Have adventures skiing, surfing, other adrenaline rush activities. This dimension actually has a lot to offer.
I’m not talking you out of your dreams if you got good reasons.

People do things because there’s an emotional need it fulfills, it seems like you’re missing passion and excitement.
There are other ways to fill that emotional need.


It’s very easy to hate this life, simply because nobody cares about your desires or happiness.
The problem comes if somebody gets stuck and overwhelmed with this spectrum of emotions.
Try not to think about that too much and find a way to have some good time for yourself.

Best wishes!


I really want to fight, mingle and become supernatural creatures, I’m not talking about spirits, I mean bold in your face vampires, werewolves etc, and plus my methods to do this are science based, as long as the multiverse theory is true, that’s the deciding variable on weather I will be successful

And plus I’m already good at writing stories

If you are unable to tap into your power as a God and change some parts of your ordinary day-to-day life, how do you expect to completely replace your reality with another one and transport yourself?