Family terror

Hello dears! I need urgent help. I’ll start with the fact that I live in the same house with my parents where I spend most of the time behind the screen doing my studies with a view to earning money Online, but it turned out that for some time to visit us for quite a long period of time began to come sister with her family. It seems to be nothing but the trouble is that they all fed to me a persistent hostility that poured into a real enmity, terror in connection with my statement about the rapid implementation of my plans and projects, which promised substantial money besides providing me a free schedule, a boss himself in one word. Did so because I wanted to dispel their concern about my temporary non device in life, plus improve their quality of life: to end the debts, to finish the repair that lasts for years to Refine everything in one word, so I thought but what I got? The opposite effect is achieved, all the masks were sleeping and they seemed distraught. First decided to install cameras for covert surveillance, wherever possible in order to obtain incriminating evidence(they have been subsequently), monitor my network activity in collusion with the provider, as you well know, all in flagrant violation of the laws, and this despite my desire to compromise for me on the above became known in the beginning,as ridiculous they blew it by giving himself. They wanted my money, and they wanted to get rid of me. As time went on, I was busy finding an acceptable result that would suit everyone along the way being subjected to constant harassment behind my back actually nonstop, the video was already on the network to create even more pressure on me and involving people around me to participate in the show, not counting the faces even I do not know, all Now it is time to say something even greater than the old, namely that somehow as a result of all this negativity my thoughts became available to people around us creating a lot of problems even more increasing suffering.
PS At the beginning of this test I am from magic was far. All this idiocy began somewhere in July of August 2016, if my memory serves me, and at the end of July 2017, a leak of thoughts began which continues today. Health already weakened worse, leaked a lot of important data which we can only regret. Some losses on all sides. The main thing now as soon as possible to get rid of uncontrolled leakage of thoughts around, and I look like the range of the broadcast signal is large enough. So I ask you who can tell me the reason and how to fix it once and for all. Time to spare I have to continue to follow the path of further development. Thank you for your understanding.
P.S.S. I know, that this message contains many errors so I ask moderator to fix this please.

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Wow, I have to think about this a little before I answer. Let me see if I understand this situation correctly.

1)You’re living with your parents.
2) Your sister and her family have also moved back home with your parents.
3) You had a plan to improve both your life and the lives of your family members.
4) For some reason they freaked out.
5) They started covert electronic surveillance of you both via internet and via cameras.
6) you were getting harassed behind your back nonstop.

Do I have it correct this far?

I have more questions.
Are you 18 years old or older?

When you say;

[quote=“GhostGuest, post:1, topic:31948”]
the video was already on the network to create even more pressure on me and involving people around me to participate in the show,

What Network and where?
Is it on You tube?
What is the name of the video?

It may take me a a day or 2 to get back to you as I have both my own family under aged kids and work. I’m my family’s main breadwinner. I will get back to you though.

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I’m not quite sure I understand your problem.

What exactly is unclear to you?

  1. Yes.
  2. Not really. My sister in connection with the birth of the second child began to come first with him (to have someone to babysit) and then began to come and her husband and eldest son. The terms of her stay in the parental home were different, although long.
  3. Yes.
  4. Yes, their motives definitely was filthy.
  5. Precisely.
  6. Indeed.

I’m over 18.

Floating somewhere in the Network.

I don’t know, but from what they say, it’s very widespread.

Well, I hope you can help me.

Can you please explain the main problem, this is not quite clear.
Is it a video of you they spreading on the net to make you feel uncomfortable?
Do they know about your magic practices? Or they just no longer want you in the house and this being the reason why they do all sort of things?

So from what I’ve gathered, your current issue is with…thought leakage? What exactly is that? Do you mean memory issues or your thoughts literally leaking to other people?

Well, Family members can be enormously overbearing, even when their motives are benevolent. It seems that your family is not being benevolent although I wouldn’t be surprised if they have deluded themselves into thinking that they are.

You are in a very difficult position.

Since you are under constant surveillance by your family. Here is my strategy to help get you out of this situation.

  1. you are going to need to put on a “mask”. Show none of your own emotions and none of your true motives around your family at all. That will also include on your computer because your family members have your computer under surveillance. So they have no idea what of your true motives/intentions. This may take years so it will take much self discipline.

  2. Appear to agree with them be convincing so they don’t realize the ruse. You may even need to pretend to give up your business idea that they tried to take over.

  3. Save your money, build up your resources. You may need to start a credit union or bank account at a different institution that they don’t know about at all and get your statements sent to a P.O.Box. and not your home. Check with your new financial institution if this is O.K. some credit unions only serve a small geographical area and need a physical home for which to send your statement. I mention Credit Unions because their fees are much lower than banks because credit unions are by law not for profit. Credit unions also tend to have much lower fee FREE minimum deposit requirements sometimes as low as $5.00. You can also get a safe deposit box for a very reasonable fee in which to put your vital papers such as your birth certificate.

4)When you have the resources built up, Move out. Get away from them.

  1. You may need to cut contact with them for several years after you’ve moved out.

Well that is the best that I can do in helping you. Good luck and Blessed be.

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@Demeter for my input, such a situation can also happen when you leave home and come back at years later, there’s always a time to move away from family. He will no longer feel comfortable with them until he got a powerful statue or be in a position of power.

I’m not sure what your problem is

Obviously, the main problem in this situation at this point in time is telepathy, which manifests itself in the fact that my thoughts are heard everywhere, moreover, it is not controlled by me because I do not know why, and therefore how to fix it quickly.

Yes, they already knows it.
Partly true, but it’s at the end. At first, they wanted my money, while drinking the juices of life out of me.

Yes, indeed, my thoughts are constantly leaking, bringing to the attention of the people around me.

I think you’re in very uncomfortable situation and therefore staying will make it worst, the faster the better, your life belongs to you and you have to be in control. If you can’t leave sooner, try invoking Dantalion to influence their thoughts about you, tell him about the situation, he’s fast enough for that, while you’re preparing to go somewhere else where you can be safe and make your own life. Also, you can’t keep yourself from thinking, if you afraid about certain thoughts they might capture, go outside in a Parc, a restaurant etc…and think, plan your stuffs, write it down, that way when you’re at home you’re only gonna concentrate on the work you do or other things

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Unfortunately, time has passed for such tactics, and all because of the spontaneously started leaking thoughts, which is still happening.

Nothing happens because there is no capital, besides the diversion of thoughts. There is almost no way to act without informing anyone.

No, they need to be done once and for all.

Thank you.

It is!

Constant leakage of thoughts, even my dreams are known to them!

Yeah, I know, thanks for the advice.

Help with invocation, because I’ve tried it a couple of times with Satan and Naamah, and nothing happened.

Yes, but since the town is small and everyone knows each other, then there can be no privacy in this case, and they discuss everything on the Internet (as far as I know).

Sounds like a real pickle

Try to invoke Lucifer and Dantalion using their sigil, for example you ask how you want them to think about. Honor them by sharing their sigils on the internet not necessarily to people in your town.

I don’t know what else to tell you. I gave you my best advice.

My understanding is that baneful magik toward family members is fraught with disaster because you share the same blood with your family and the baneful magic cast against family members is also cast against yourself
automatically. My understanding is that this magical blow back has nothing to do with karma at all but because you would be casting the baneful magik against your own flesh, blood and DNA.

I am NOT an expert at all. You would need someone much wiser and more experienced than myself to advise you.