Family spell?

I’m not sure I put this in the right spot but I would like to find a spell to help my kids father be more affectionate towards them and love them more. I guess it would be considered a type of love spell? But do I have to do anything different than casting a regular love spell

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That is an very good question.

Most masculine entities are not concerned with family or affection. Traditional gender roles over the centuries have dictated that men not be overly emotional, even towards their own, so there are hundreds of demons and gods focused on war, and strength, and revenge, but as far as I know, there isn’t any male demon or god that deals with something like families or children from a male point of view.

Family was seen as the distinct purview of women, so there are tons of goddesses said to govern it, though I’m not sure if a love goddess would be a good fit for making a man more affectionate toward children, rather than towards a wife or lover.

I’m going to tag @C.Wilson, who has more experience with family matters than I, and may be better able to suss out the kind of spell that would make a father more affectionate towards his children, rather than his woman.

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Does the father have deceased family members, preferably ones he was closed to?

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Yes his mother passed away a while ago

Okay, well there is a couple things that can be done. The first would be to do a petition to his mother. You can follow the instructions of the tutorial @DarkestKnight posted on petition spells, using her name in place of an enn and sigil. Deceased family members tend to be very welling to help family in any way they can.

The second would be to cast a honey or sugar jar spell. This is meant to sweeten a relationship between two parties (in this case, the father and his children) where the jar represents the reality of the target (their “world” so to speak). You will be adding their names to the jar and filling it with honey or sugar, any flowers or herbs you associate with family, sealing it with wax from a burning candle. This can be kept on a family or ancestor altar.

This last one really depends on the father’s openness. Some fathers are not actually cold, but may not know how to be dad, usually from a lack of one. With society’s strong emphasis on a bastardized version of Stoicism, this can make them ackward with it. If he is willing, there are resources out there that can be beneficial without bruising any egos. For example, I recommend a podcast I listen to often, the Art of Manliness, that covers varies topics, including tips for dads. If he is open to that, i would recommend it to him.


I believe that I saw an angel that helps with fatherly love in “72 angels of magick”. I don’t have it at hand right now, but I’m pretty sure it was there as I don’t have a lot of books on angels.

@C.Wilson, do you think the ancestor petition could work for a step-father who’s not affectionate with a stepchild who was actually abandonned by their father? When people specify families, does it work for step families as well?

Rehoel has the power to obtain the love of a parent.

Chevuiah can increase love.

I didn’t see one specific to fatherly love though.

It is possible, worth giving a try