Family loves resin incense but hates when I use it for ritual and cleansing

Getting on my nerves. Some may come and ask me “Hey where’s the Myrrh!, etc” but dislike when I so much as cleanse an object such as my pendulum and scrying mirror even knowing some positivities about cleansing. They’re so hooked onto “Light is good. Darkness is bad”… :neutral_face: :rage:

I plan on doing ritual, cleansing, banishing, etc when I’m alone. They are partially holding me back and some procrastination Belial revealed to me through someone else.

I also understand words have power but if I can visualize the LBRP without chanting or saying the words, it may have the same effect hopefuly.


I do my banishings silently, saying the words in my mind, unless I don’t mind scaring people


Nothing wrong with that, as I do the same. Even though my wife is also works with magic, we work separately 99% due to personal schedules and because we walk different paths as we have individual obstacles to overcome. My kids also just don’t like the incense I make, which can be heavy on the resin.

This is more than possible. I’ve been in situations where I have had to use magic away from my temple around others and had to use visualization. As long as you can be focused and push your will into it, it likely will not be a problem.