Family curse

Hi there everyone, I’m not on here as often because of work, but I was wondering if anyone could help out here.

I recently went to a psychic- mind you I am a newbie-and she told me that my whole family is revolved around jealousy, and someone went to a “brujo” to cure my whole family.

After she told me that I new she wasn’t ripping me off, I was told the same thing once before by someone else, but wasn’t quite sure about. Now that this has came up again I truly believe that this person wants us to lose everything.

Now I wish to free my family from this curse and repay them with the the long years of suffering, and for those whom I lost because of it.

Thank you

If you know who the person is, you can block their curse pretty easily. EA has a video on Youtube for blocking curses. Check it out.


That’s the thing I don’t know who put the curse on us. I’m literally surrounded by jealous people. Any other thoughts?

It could very well be that it’s simply jealousy but it could also be possible that one of your relatives may have crossed the wrong person. If this could be the case I would try to find out who the offended party was or who out of the “jealous” people is the most vindictive and also believes in curses.

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Then a very simple method is write out all the names of the jealous people who you have a suspicion is cursing your family around in a big circle. Underneath write Yes and ont eh other side of the page No. Take a skrying pendant and ask your familiar if the name of the person(s) who is /are cursing you is written on the page. Hold the pendant and let the spirit guide your hand to yes or no. If it is yes, move your hand to the middle of the circle where all the names are written down and allow the spirit to guide your hand so the pendant swings over their name. Do this until you feel certain you have the right person or persons. Block that person from doing any harm to you and your family through a spell. At the very worst you will be blocking someone from doing harm to you, who hasn’t done anything yet. Leave the death and disease curses until you are certain you have the right person, but this should fix your problem.


I will give it a shot, thanks!

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