Hello everyone! Any protocol when requesting familiars? How do you know when your
Request is granted ?

The same way you would know if any spirit is around you.

Edit to add: You can simply request a spirit to send you a familiar. There is no protocol for it, just ask for one.

There is a sigil magick ritual in EA’s Works of Darkness in which you ask Belial to send his familiars to you for three days and I was able to feel the spirits around me when I did it.


Mine made his presence known to me, in a manner that was without question. To me personally, the communication is very clear. He is always present. If I need a reassurance of his presence, for whatever reason, i get it immediately.


Did you request one to a specific entity ?

I received my familiar from another magician, who either found her or created her, for me (I don’t remember which). She resides in my heart chakra so just thinking about her is enough to let me know she is around.


No, mine contacted me. I was not seeking one. Its a very long tale beyond the scope of this discussion, but the short version is that mine contacted me after a kundalini experience and during the shift in paradigm that comes with such an abrupt change.


Oh that’s cool

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I would like one please

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