Is there even a such thing as a familiar?? and if so how can I manifest mine into my life ??. After my banishing and renewals

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I would use the search function to get a better idea of what they are to others.



Mine all came into my life, but use search most of the time they are animals/ pets but they don’t have to be.

There can be more than one ??

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Yes, there can be several at a time. Mine are not physical (cat, dog, etc), so this isn’t an issue.

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Yes I have three, my dog, and two of my cats. All of them found their ways to me. My black cat is truly a demon. My dog is a protector and the other cat really for my son since he is natural born as well. But I also naturally talk to animals so the familiar spirits find me easily.

Oh cool…is there a pacific timing they come to u or what



Lol srry bout that …my auto correct is on :joy:

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