Familiars mentioned in the goetia

Hi I’m new to the whole magick thing as a whole but I’m trying to learn as much as possible. I’ve recently went through the goetia and I see that a lot of the demons grant fimilars and I’m confused on what that means could someone shed some light on this.

The concept of familiars deals with spiritual guides in the persons spiritual court. These spirits can remain in the “etherial plane” and they can also animate into the body of a domestic animal in the form of a pet on the physical plane.
You will notice the vast majority of the spirits of the Lemegeton have animal features, I personally have noticed the spirits of the Goetia leaving me personal messages concealed with animal omens that utilize their described features.




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Thank you I really appreciate it. That was kinda my guess cause I had a vague idea of what a fimilar is I just wanted to be sure.