False Gods

This is all like common knowledge in the occult world, but not on this forum?!?!?!?

I’ll put the transcript below, and add my own comments in the brackets (…)

@ 3:22 : > Angels are basically created. what you can call thoughtforms or egregores that are entities that are created by the faith and belief of humans.

They didn’t exist prior to humans. They weren’t created by some divine anything.
They were either stolen from other religions or just created out of belief, and then feed by worship and prayer and that sort of thing.

@ 5:15. The girl asks koetting :

“what gives demons power vs what givens the angels power?”

Koetting’s reply :

“Aah, You know these egregore types, these thoughforms are given power by attention, and so more attention you pay to them, they more powerful they become” (thus religion, cults, etc. duhh! Why do you think they help you when you evoke them, you give them power).

The spirits by themselves have no power to influence anything in this world, however, if you were to tell them to do something, they’d be able to do that and influence things to their favour too, that’s why being as specific as possible is a big deal and they don’t really like it.

@ 5:37. Koetting continues : > If you stop paying attention, if everybody stopped paying attention to one particular god, for a while, it’s just basically dwindle into nothingness.

And then you’ve got to basically rebuild, if you ever want to call it, lets say 100s of years later, you’ve got to basically start rebuilding it with all that attention, basically form a new religion, have people praying to it, have people believing in it, reading scriptures of it, singing songs about it, and then it’s gonna grow in potency. We actually don’t have to go that far because it’s not expending it’s energy at all, the spirit’s not active, so it basically waits.
And that’s something, that’s said throughout every mythology is that whoever the bad guys are, which always gonna shift to different religion, that they are lying in wait, that they are waiting for their time to come back (does NewWorldOrder ring a bell? Gonna be far more worse than abrahamic religions). And that’s really what spirits will do, specially thoughtforms, egregore types is that they need to be fed constantly (pretty godlike huh? Puny gods).
Why do they ask magicians to speak highly of them?
Ask their sigils to be engraved of precious metals?
This makes sense now doesn’t it.

Before we continue check this out.
H.P. lovecraft was doing the same thing.
Watch from 5:22 to 5:50.

I’d also like to share this comment with you guys

Now this is very important

@ 6:46 :

Most spirits you’ll come in contact with, most spirits you can find in grimoires, that you’ll find in any kind of scriptures, are some form of thoughtform. (Because real gods don’t need to be evoked to survive, so don’t even give a fuck, we’ll get there later.)

@ 6:57

koetting talking about real gods : There are very few entities, that we are in contact with, or that we can even get in contact with (cause they don’t give a fuck. real gods don’t, would you?) THAT EXISTED PRIOR TO US (some humans become real gods too).

@ 7:07 to 10:10. he tries and explains the difference and his evocation experience between an egregore and a real god. The real god didn’t change his form, he spoke in his own language, didn’t give any special fucks to koetting.

@ 11:48. :

The one’s that I’ve not been able to force my will upon, at all, but they are still interacting with me, is because they are not created by the human mind, they’re not created by your will & desire. That they existed prior to humans, that they are for whatever reason, choosing to interact with us.

@ 14:39. :

at some point, we can become, greater than we can imagine, even greater than them (egregores), some think that our goal is to become like these gods, which is not necessarily true, we’re trying to become greater than them, greater then ourselves, completely unlimited, absolutely omnipotent, omnipresent and omnipresent


@ 42:15. :

… And with that, with developing these godlike powers, you are accessing your state as a living god, And not as just a god, I mean cause I’m referring to these entities as gods ancient gods, you’re not that, you’re better than that, you’re more than that, …not better than that, I shouldn’t say, that’s rude. But you’re more than that because you’re a god in the flesh.

Alright, this is where he goes wrong ,
Because at 43rd minute, he says that azazel told him how badly they(egregores) wanted to be in our world, because this was the final stage of evolution.
I agree with the evolution part, but I don’t think it’ll make any egregore any god at all. They do desperately want a soul, but that’s not how that works, it’s not possible. I know I’d give my soul in an instant to anyone who could take it. I want to be like them so I can too poof out of this shitverse.

But form my experience, I’ve learnt it’s not possible!
I’ve experienced moments of superconsciousness where I’ve, I can’t even say I’ve seen or felt or realized, the only why I can put this is, I’ve LIVED it, I just didn’t see how my thought’s were manifesting, I lived it. I freaked the fuck out. Because I had no control over my mind, my thoughts.

The quote “if you realized how powerful your thoughts are you’d never think a negative thought again”
I can, totally, completely, absolutely vouch for this quote.

In this (human) state of consciousness, we have mental barriers, which stop us from realizing our power, but at the same time they also protect us from our power too, because we aren’t ready for it.

In RHP, they say, that the thing man is the most terrified of is his own power.
This also, I cam vouch for.

For those who don’t get what all of this means,
Try and corelate all the things together,
This isn’t a good news to anyone of us.

You want to become gods?
The whole of mankind was about to become a civilization of gods, when the god of bible stopped us. I am talking about the Tower of Babel incident when we were one, and spoke one language.
This is a UFO retard, maybe he was being deceived, but this I believe.

Why did they stop us from achieving godhood you ask?!?!?

Because if we became gods,
We wouldn’t need to pray to any god or evoke anyone now would we?!?

Many demonic egregores feed off of human suffering, like vampires!
The goody goody gods allow the demons to create mess because when human aren’t suffering and having a good time, we don’t pray, they need prayers.
They need each other.

A god/demon maybe good to you, but are they good to mankind?!?
A king can be good to someone who works with/for him, but mostly they are all evil to their people.
Egregores mayve good to you, because they have something to gain too, and what they give back isn’t a big deal to them.

It’s never the right win vs the left wing,
It’s the common people vs the elite,
Never gods vs devil,
It’s man vs egregores.

True name of the devil is yhwh reversed,
This is not a conspiracy theory video.

I had so much more to add to this,
But maybe later.


That the desert troll entity was trying to get a lock on ascent is something many of us have independeltly discovered, and combated, in our own ways.

This was my own part of the work, along with several people on here and people I work with in offline life:

If you pay attention to the fact the entity in the Bible FIRST stole a title of the Ehyptian Sun god, Ra, the protector of mankind who fought entropy and decay you will understand some of the symbolism in that working, it wook me a while after experiencing it to realise why the troll had started there.

(Inb4 “But Eva peeople still pray to God and get nice feelings” - So, I Met God .)

We already are the LITERAL source, the All, that which lies back of, and behind, all creation, it’s just that we were conned into thinking this lay outside of us in increasingly bizarre and grotesque ways.


It’s not just about the troll god!
It’s about egregores!
Any of them would have done the same thing,
Because if mankind were to become gods, it would’ve meant “the end” for all of them, troll or not!

Individually, yes,
They do help people rise, evolve, hell, some gods give you moksha (oneness).
But on this thread I’m not talking about the relationship of any god to an individual, or even a group of individuals, but humanity as a whole!

To me it’s more than just about a goal, of freedom or godhood, or any kind of ascension.
To me, it’s about life, and though I am not limited to any philosophy, I do live by one, which is based on a simple fact of duality. Like day needs night, up needs down, left needs a right, likewise, I needs a YOU.
Most people, when are isolated, dumb down, become more socially awkward!
A man needs people, friends, family, and even society!!

To me, it’s not about just me, but all of mankind.
And I don’t see anyone of them giving a fuck about mankind.
And why would they? If mankind’s rise would mean the end game for them?

None of these egregores care about mankind.
To me, joining any of them, would be like joining a political party.

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Many of us here on the forum have found that gods and spirits PUSH us towards ascent and piwer, push us to learn and to assume our own power, not to give it to them and then beg for it back with interest paid. :thinking:



Did I not mention they help people too?

I’ll repeat myself,
I am a people’s person,
I can’t have any desire to rise if I see people suffering!

Why do you think they’d help mankind of it meant their end?? What do you believe about this?
I ask you as I see you do care about the western world! And it’s survival!
The problems the west(the world) is facing are created by the egregores.

I care about all of humanity!
No I am no saint.
I am just normal.
Like I said, to me, it’s not just about me, my loved one’s but my society, my race as a whole!
And I can’t accept any being who is against the human race.

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I don’t understand why you are so certain that mankinds ascending will lead to this, though? I understand you are sincere and the description of the work with Vishnu shows you are working hard, but not all spirits are like this.

I have seen and been told that many spirits are our spiritual ancestors - we are their children, in a sense.

The Vichnu “current” (interface if you prefer) may have been contaminated, the bakti movement was influenced by Muslims and they channel, as a group not as individual persons, the troll entity and the egregores and archons etc that are connected to it.

As the one who comes to save when the world goes out of balance, he would be a natural target, to steal his titles and imagery, and pollute them as the older gods of the middle east (east coast of the Mediterranean especially) saw happen to their own.

I ask you as I see you do care about the western world! And it’s survival!

All people at all times have spirits though, magick and nature spirits are real things that often barely even bother to interact with humans.

The problems the west(the world) is facing are created by the egregores.

Not be Bael, not by6 the Norse, Greek, Roman, or Egyptian gods, who all furthered success and also ascent for their people.

Not by demons either, in my experience.


Nor Ahriman, Az-jahi, Azidahaka, or the divs. I’m sure between all of us we could create a list that included 99.999% of entities


Yes, I totally omitted those without even meaning to, that’s not just a few names like more people standing at the same bus stop, but Ahriman is a whole counterforce AGAINST the lock put on us all, so that’s an important point to make that takes it to another level.

  1. some demonic egregores need human suffering as they feed off of human suffering.
  2. other gods need prayers, offerings, etc. for that they need to be useful to humans, and if men become gods, we wouldn’t interact with them, we’ll create beings like them to be subservient to us.
    Some theorise that’s what happened but somewhere we fucked up.

If we rise, there is no way anyone of them will survive!
Will medicine companies make survive if all diseases were to come to an end?

You have no idea!
I am way past being [email protected]/,
I have been trying to fuck up my soul for a long long time. There is this girl on youtube, makes videos of lhp, charges like 100$ to make pacts. Ignored my mails.
I am not even asking for money or power,
I asked to be tormented! And Torment myself I do.
Look at the news. Makes you happy?!?!?
How can I be happy?

Krishna is under heralah, if mikan is to be believed!
He too is working for a NWO,
And islam is a big chess pawn to him!!
So fuck them all!!!

It’s always a man, but this is kept a secret!
And no one know when that person awakens,
The person himself too doesnt i believe.

Watch the video!
I see their game plan!
New World Order!
Enough said.

They’re in the dark waiting for us to join :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which is exactly why I brought him into this discussion :slight_smile: I’m sure I sound like a broken record to everyone because of my repeated reference to Ahriman and the BMoA, but it is a very important current that I feel is underappreciated.



Yes, they would.

You clearly dont see what you think you do. I’m not trying to be mean, but this is like watching a blind man try and lead the way…

There is no game plan. And certainly not one linked to any NWO


This simply does not fit with my experience working with gods, nature spirits… in core shamanism it’s more usual than not that you will meet a spirit, work with them, and they won’t give you a name, demand offerings, or anything - they will just do what they came for, then leave.

You may even never see them again.

Maybe this is why you only perceive the negative side of spirits?

I am not saying that as a snarky thing or a cheap gotcha, but if you are putting out a vibe that is half hoping for destruction, you may attract the aspects of spirits who feed on that.

All RHP is a death path, as well, so you have the collectoive consciousness of both Xians in the west crying out to be martyred and to give all they have to the poor and those who strike them, and the east crying out to leave embodied life, so along comes Islam (I say again, as a force, not every individual Muslim) and what do they do?

They fulfil those wishes.

That’s the global game of the troll, of the subtle influence to hate life and love death, it played one side against another and over time both are sacrificed in its name.


They aren’t all egregore, and attention is enough, like mikan said ‘interaction’. And they be getting offerings from other too maybe.
What do you think about EA’s video?

I’ve held the same views since 2012, but have only been depressed since 2016.
I attract awesome things in life too.
One’s that most people, wouldn’t believed.
If i was attracting something, I’d have done it.

And I am not all sad.

Like I said, if something were to happen, it would have happened.

I attracted real vampires too,
Little more than a month ago,
Before the dec3 full moon,
Called them too later.


In fact, I repel their negativity!

Mikan too talked about heralah’s plan for a NWO,
All of them talking about the same goal.

To quote the Meme Lord herself:


But then the same is true of humans, we go literally insane if denied interaction for a long time, people begin to hallucinate things that are not there.

Solitary confinement even WITH interaction with guards during every day is considered a form of torture, and many will do anything to escape it, including suicide.

Would you say it was kind to take a baby and lock them in a room where they get food, water, bathroom etc, all taken care of, but they never see a human being ever in their lives?

What do you think about EA’s video?

Which one do you mean? :slight_smile:


I have many things to say to prove my point,
But I don’t wanna go there now.

This could have been a great thread,
Oh well…
Doesn’t matter, the only matters is we all learn something really really valuable.

I’m ONLY posting this as this deserves to be shared!
And will help people truly seeking the truth.
Not going to discuss anything.

He is advertising himself but has interesting things to say. (I’ll copy paste below)


“Getting in touch with an egregore means to establish a bond with it. In a way or another, the person asks for a loan to the bank of the occult, thus living above his normal energy / karmic means, “borrowing” various favors, power, healing or something else. But this mortgage must be repaid and sometimes it is impossible to do so, even at the cost of a lifetime of effort.”

After death.

At the death of a member of a structured group (hence linked to an egregore), that is, when its multidimensional being depletes the physical body, normally the volatilisation of the personality and the dissolution of the subtle elements occurs. However, this process can be delayed, or even interrupted, when a large amount of energy from the physical plane feeds the remains of the personality, so that this cannot be annihilated.

This artificial and parasitic survival of personality in the afterlife is the counterpart that makes the occult pact interesting for deeply egocentric beings who have always refused to face the existential question of death. Ultimately, if we have not concluded any important occult contract during our life, it will be the egregore of our birth religion that will take us after our death, offering us some good years of parasitic survival, making us vampires of the afterlife that affect the desires of the living to encourage them to provide energy to their egregore, the energy structure in which they disincarnated.

The afterlife is perfectly structured by this hierarchical egregore system which is a sort of reflection of the physical world. Every action that comes on the physical level has its effects on the subtle planes because each human group is associated with one or more egregores.

At the top of the hierarchy of the egregore rule powers that the gnostic tradition has held for a long time secret, divulging its existence only in the mystery schools so as not to attract the thunders of the religious authorities. These are the supreme superior powers, called “Eons”, which we will find in the next chapter below……

The Eons, the Supreme Egregores

In the first part of this post we have seen that: the human being consists of three energy centers connected to the three subtle planes; on these various planes, we create egregores through our energetical activity (instinctive, emotional or mental); the egregores trap their energy through rituals. The next chapter deals with the most important egregores: the Eons. The egregores are the cornerstone of the afterlife and form a perfectly structured subtle world. Since every visible structure has its reflection in the invisible world, the afterlife is as well-organized as our physical reality.

At the top of the hierarchy of the egregore, some of the powers that the Gnostic tradition kept secret, divulging their existence only in the schools of the Mysteries, so as not to attract the lightning of the religious authorities. These exemplary powers are called “eons,” from Greek, which means “time,” “eternity,” or “very long time”, being their life span is much longer than that of a simple egregore. The initiates describe the eons as colossal energetic functions generated in the course of the era by the thoughts, feelings and egocentric passions of humanity. These titanic powers are, like the egregores, self-conservative powers that keep mankind under their dominion by inciting it to self-centeredness.

The eons are distinct from the other egregores for the degree of autonomy they have achieved, having become virtually immortal. Like any parasitic energy entity, they are voracious and require constant nutrition. Since they only feed their nourishment from the egocentric activity of humanity (intellectual, emotional, sexual …), they push men and women with every possible means of the path of the egotism.

In our time, which is that of the Black Era, the eons have gained so much power that even though all humankind could end its egocentric activities, they could do without nourishing for centuries before disappearing. In that case, they would be led to devour the egregores from the middle hierarchy, like a mother who devoured her children. This can happen when the occult system undergoes an energy crisis (the fall of a great civilization, the change of the dominant religion, etc.). Given the occult nature of the dominion underlying humanity, the hypothesis that we have mentioned is merely hypothetical. This domain does not leave man any chance of radical change in his spiritual orientation, but, on the contrary, it makes him sink more and more into egotism and materialism each day.

On another level, in which they are personified, the eons are called the hierarchical sovereigns of space-time. These beings that govern us are the twelve principles of the afterlife, and they are the dark reflection emanating from the decayed humanity. The eons have developed a system of exploitation and imprisonment of humanity based on the vampirism of the energy of humans and of the forces of nature. This system, in which the subtracted energy rises from one hierarchy to the other, reaches the eons, is contrary to the natural laws by virtue of which energy has to descend (it is the mother who nourishes the child to make independent and be able to stand on his own, and not the other way around). This freedom that the eons have taken leads to the fall of humanity in suffering and unconsciousness.

Eliphas Levi, great master of occultism, sees gods in the egregores. This belief is legitimate from the point of view of the occultists. It should be noted, however, that the afterlife consists of three planes that can be perceived as energy centers, in the image of the three spiritual centers of the human being. At the top of this occult pyramid, the twelve eons reign, which could be compared to the twelve pairs of cranial nerves that can be found at the top of our nervous system controlling our entire energy system. By analogy, then, there exists in the afterlife a gigantic cosmic entity that is in the image of the human being.



If there existed only the manifested world, consisting of the physical world and the afterlife, Eliphas Levi would be completely right. The egregore would be a myriad of jealous gods who rule over human beings, leading an unequal war to increase the energy prize. But whoever knows the true nature of this illusory world, which is both of a physical order and of a subtle order, knows that neither the egregores nor the eons are true gods. Together, they form the omnipotent entity that religions call the “Good God,” Jehovah or Allah, but in which the Gnostics see the Demiurge.

By not being connected with the egregores of the afterlife, the conscious beings, sincerely devoted to their inner deity, have created a bond with the divine dimensions, and thus they do not nourish the eons in any way.

Though today mankind has no chance to escape the dominion of the eons, there is still a possibility of liberation: thanks to the knowledge of the self, the universe and the gods, and above all by operating a true inner transformation, with the ALCHEMICAL TECHNIQUES THAT IN THE MILLENNARY HISTORY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN UNIQUE AND WHICH HAVE NOT BEEN SIRED TO NOTHING AND NO ONE AND THEY WERE OBSERVANT ONLY TO THE NATURE AND ITS FUNCTIONING IN ORDER TO TRANSCEND IT. THROUGH ITS PERFECTING AND THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSAL MEDICINE THAT IS ABLE TO HEAL!!! THIS IS YET AGAIN…THE METHOD.

We can reverse our energetic system, stop the empowering of the occult powers and connecting ourselves to the higher powers, which do not want anything other than to bring us back to our original state of immortals.

The Eons are forces emanating from the mental and emotional activities of a humanity diverted from the divine plane. They form a dialectical hierarchy and push humanity into the ways of religiosity, science and occultism, which they control through mainly religious and occult structures and hierarchies, using various subtle imitations of the liberating path but essentially without having any liberating idea. They thus perpetuate their parasitic dominance by directing the aspiration of the masses toward their earthly or their afterlife purposes.

The eons do not cease to preserve their creation and they cannot do otherwise, because if that creation disappears, their existence would end. That is why they keep a hierarchically organized priesthood in this world. A priesthood that has only one purpose, one task: to maintain in the dialectical state the field of formation, the field of life of the entities coming from the eons. This world must stay the way it is: this is their purpose. The entities that populate this world must therefore conform. The great mass of slaves of the eons thus infinitely turns the wheel through the material sphere to the reflecting sphere (the beyond) and vice versa. The gnostics of all ages have always spurred mankind to free themselves from the dominion of these dialectical hierarchies, which respond by systematically destroying all that concerns the liberating gnostic idea.


If I may… I won’t blow your brains all over the seat of your jeans, but I will add this: First, search thyself and find Thyself. Second, when self is found, discard self, keep Thy Truth. Third, experience and know that which is not You. This is seperatable into two categories, the Falsehood outside of You and the Truth outside of You. Then simply make the inner and outer truths one, and dispell Falsehood entirely …

Egregores and many weak psychic currents are here. The outer Truth will be the actual currents of what we would define as God and Lovecraftian deities and the collective human current or Akashic Records. Seems simple to me then. :stuck_out_tongue:


As it turns out,
The non egregorics beings he is talking about are the same beings I believe to be egregores.
Like Malek Taus is another aspect of lucifer?
And YamNahar???

So clearly I was confused there,
And maybe @Lady_Eva could delete this thread because this is confusing and would do no good to anyone here.

My apologies to everyone.

Regarding egregores,
I still hold the same views,
In fact, my views have only been confirmed even more so.
But now I just have more stuff to look into and more research to do.

The only truth in magick is what yields verifiable results by “causing Change to occur in conformity with Will” - that could easily be not only an egregore, but one which has been intentionally created.

Everything else is the territory of mysticism and religious quests for some ultimate truth, which will usually end up convincing you to impose your superior truth upon others by silencing their “untruths” - often by sword, bomb, or bullet. :thinking:

People took time to reply, and you also had a chance to explain your own viewpoints which may resonate with some people, or prompt them to investigate further, so there’s no reason to remove it, and it would be rude to everyone who took part to do so.

You can read the thoughts of the forum’s co-founder Timothy on removing content except where it openly breaks the rules here.

I guess I could split the thread, but the replies were on-topic, as in, they didn’t diverge into discussing something completely different, and this wasn’t a working thread.

Maybe make new working thread asking for people to work with you to determine the difference - that way, the only replies will be form people who share your concept and wish to work with you towards it, and it won;t be a kind of debate on the overall concept and its advisability?