False Currents of Sorcery

Hello Micah/Satan/Chad ThunderCock!

I’m very interested In this topic you started. Exactly what does JCI stand for? They sound like Archons.

Micah is no longer on this forum so can’t answer you.

JCI stands for Judeo-Christian-Islamic

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Oh poo. But thanks for clearing this up!

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My family is extremely catholic and I’m afraid I’m being blocked on some level by JCI because they be praying for me =__= are the normal banishing/shielding stuff enough to protect oneself from them?

Couldn’t one as well work with the celestials for results???

Who are these celestial beings? Can u name 1 and have u a source u recieved some of this data from? Show me the facts.

Mixing paths, like mixing Golden Dawn current with say Luciferian current as an example.

If you’re going to follow a current follow it til it’s complete, rather than mixing it with another. Or practice them separately basically.

Some currents simply do not work together or have guidelines that require you to do things to a T instead of trying to mix them with another.

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So much for posting a question in regards to an explanation of his meaning of disconnected Ancestry…

This was one of those questions I was actually hoping to get an answer for, as I have had many say I need to stick with my Native heritage for spiritual matters when in fact most of them are Christian themselves. Amusing.

Looks like you are further along the LHP than most people I see on this forum.

Actually, the advanced LHP seekers on this planet attempt to completely free themselves of the ego. I disagree that the LHP is the way to do this, but I digress.

The advanced practitioners of LHP seeking are focused on SELF mastery. Mastery over other-selves is simply seen as a natural byproduct of self mastery, due to the inherent oneness of all things.

Hope that helps anybody.

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Honestly, looking at this from the perspective of a chaos magickian, who uses magick only to influence external events, my personal opinion on the idea pf a false current is that it’s absurd…USE WHATEVER WORKS. Changing the world around you also changes u internally. To look down on “not working on yourself” seems kinda odd, because all acts of sorcery, and magick work on u…Success requires a certain mental states, and external events do send a feedback.

I can’t speak to currents because I don’t grasp what is meant by it. If I choose to summon Lucifer today, and do a ritual to work with Cthulhu tomorrow, what dies it matter? I can see it not being the best idea not using a technique from another current to work with something from a totally different lineage , but only from a practical sorcery standpoint…

Nothing is sacred but the goal…why does it matter HOW u get to the endpoint… You can work a current for a whole lifetime…some are devotees, some of us aren’t…because we seek results over the idea a certain path is sacred…Perhaps its because as a chaote, i never had to dedicate to just 1 thing…so the idea of only doing such an such seems like limiting one’s toolbelt…

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It’s like this: there is nothing wrong with manipulating the external world per se, but those highly developed enough have NATURAL access to magick and do not need spells and rituals nearly as much as others. They affect the mass consciousness more easily than most magicians do just meditating on their chosen outcome if LHP or working with groups to positively affect mass consciousness if positive if RHP or similar. As a poaitice adept heals themselves, the world naturally heals. As a negative adept masters themselves, they naturally master others as a byproduct. No need to bother trying to control others directly, they will be more likely to make willing slaves of themselves just to unload responsibility o to the one who has mastered themself, thus providing the master with more means of self mastery, creating a loop. More efficient that going out of one’s way. Also, the higher dark adepts seem to prefer to operate with a lighter touch. Karma is a waste of time and energy and ain’t nobody got time for that. Why use a spell to violate someone’s free will and make them do something when becoming super powerful through self mastery will make people NATURALLY want to do whatever you want them to do for you because they want to serve/please you because they view you as superior because YOU do? Or if you’re positive, why use spells to get someone to love you when you can love yourself so fiercely that you show others how to properly love you and your belief that you deserve to ve loved that way makes other’s believe it too by affecting their consciousness NATURALLY?

Not that working on external shit can’t help one develop oneself. It can, but it might also carry a higher risk of backfiring. Swlf discipline self control forbearance and good timing are unlikely to backfire. Healing oneself and one’s own issues is ALSO unlikely to backfire. But a love or lust spell for example? That can and in many cases does. Invocation amd avocation of thought forms? Same thing, especially if one has not done the intensive work necessary to protect oneself first. Casting the LBPR seems inadequate from what my teacher has told me, but then some here don’t seem to be having problems so shrug Still though, let’s say you send a demon to make somebody fall in love with you and break up that person from a relationship they are in. Well, they might stop at nothing and utilize any means to fulfill the mission, even if you change your mind, up to and including maiming killing etc. Not just likely to do it tp affect the 3rd party either, but any better alternative that comes along that you find yourself preferring. And if the target turns out to be a different person from what you expected, OH WELL. Better fulfill the mission amd better bring the objectives placed by YOU to fruition or they will not stop. You’re just gonna have to bite the bullet and get with them. No turning back now after all.

Just some examples. I’m not saying “don’t do it” I’m just saying it requires more time and effort than naturally magically affecting the external environment and it carries more risk. But by all means feel free. I still do after all, bit then I am no adept. My lower 3 chakras are horrendously blocked atm, and my anahata is mostly closed and dormant with infrequent openings, my throat chakra potentiated but not active, largely expressing insecurities due to lower chakra blockage and my 3rd eye is mostly dormant with u frequent openings due to drugs, which puts holes in my energy body. So obviously magick is more appealing to me because I am not developed enough to be an adept.


I’m not interested in controlling people per say. The interest is in manipulating events. These need not be events that involve people ( for example causing a landslide or a sinkhole)…personally find such things fun to work with. And some of us do enjoy making the time for such things…

I entered magick for 1 thing, power I can see with my own eyes…People don’t matter for the most part, nor do i care what they do so long as they don’t touch me or get close…so far so good.

Yes it’s more work to bend events than moving ppl from the collective unconscious, and that is part of the joy of sorcery. I guess there’s 2 schools of thought in the occult, exoteric and esoteric…It would seem many here prefer the later…Personally, if I can’t make something occur in the physical world, I have no business practicing this, and should just draw instead…which i’d be doing if there were no results…

Guess it depends on what u want from it. I desire something superficial that gives confirmation that I am moving something…Guess the original poster’s gripe is centered around them desiring something deeper and internal. Different approach…

You say influencing internal things doesn’t change the internal, but I have to disagree with u on that because it does. What is external at some point is inseparable from the internal.


Doing it for the fuck of it just because the creative process is fun or amusing foe you is probably a different thing. In the elite orders that run this planet, LHP seekers tend ro all habe their own interests. Since they PRIZE individuality possibly above ALL else, so it makes sense that they would be. Although she points out that since they group up, they still have the natural tendency towarss group think and aversion to individual thought sometimes, paradoxically. One dark adept she knew was EXTREMELY artistic and made it his one singular goal is to utilize his art to inspire free thought and new ideas. Hardly the domineering moustache twirling villain people think of. It’s still LHP though because things like love, compassion, empathy and connection with others DO NOT factor into the equation at all.

So an adept might practice sorcery in ways that are intended basically just to have fun like that while still being mostly concerned with self development. It makes sense. And again, even if tou DO practice sorcery to affect others, nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying it’s not the only way nor is it necessarilly always the best way. I think it mostly depends on the magician amd their situation and how and what they practice and why. It might be the best way for you in the moment. It seems like the high level adepts often start as magicians but slowly morph into adepts as their chakras development and their seeking and methodry get refined. But that doesn’t mean they never practice magick. My teacher is a really powerful adept but still has an alter for such things.

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Refining methodology, building it up, testing it, getting results, and stripping it back down, refining it is kinda like sharpening a blade or enhancing a weapon. Its one of the many addictive qualities…Its fun, but never truly for the fuck of it. A lofty endgame is kinda necessary for everyone…without a far reaching future goal which i lock my gaze unto, all of the spells fail…Doing it for the fuck of it is not productive personally. Some can get away with it and pull it off with a desire to do it to kill boredom or for giggles, and to some rare folk this is a sort of addiction; a pseudo spiritual and or spiritual high if u will…

The force of the work is kinda funny. It’s like , say u cast a death spell on someone. Seems like it just changes things in the physical right? But then your forced to confront what that person represented, and the elimination of that target, then causes an internal change even though that isn’t the intent. The art of using a spell to kill someone thus changes something unconsciously within the practitioner, shifting the internal contents if u will.

Or u do a spell to find 50 bucks on the street, u find it, and it kinda has a deeper effect on your day, and then your forced to think about whether to save it and when to spend it. Down the line with any type of external spell, there is a sort of mirror that turns your vision inward and forces u to confront certain things…Just as changing one’s self from the inside out, effects the external world’s interaction with you, changing the external world, seems to bring things that force an internal reflection…Hence I tend to see outer and inner as interchangeable.

It kinda like ppl choosing demons or angels. One works from the Earth up, and the other from the celestial spheres downward…

Never did ever work with or learn from anyone so it is very interesting learning from your experiences of learning from an adept.

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Well thanks. Glad I can contribute in some capacity as I continue my seeking. I shall continue to contribute anything else I believe useful.

So if you don’t mind me asking, how do you do such money spells? I could certainly use such spellwork lately. Not only will it pay for more material useful to magical and spiritual seeking, but also material useful for building more resources and means of furthering development. So I know quite well how I intend to spend it, depending on how much I can make, how quickly and how often.