Falling asleep while working

Don’t laugh, but yeah I actually seem to have this problem. I don’t do evocation yet. (Working toward that as my next big goal.) I am working pretty well with spirit sigils and getting a pretty good connection with spirits that way. The problem is that in my currently living situation really the best way to do any such work at all is to do so quite late at night, and the most practical place is on my bed. A couple of times now I have woken up with my little reading light still turned on and laying somewhere lightly glowing under a pile of sheets, and one of my spirit sigils somewhere or other in there. I get out an find them easily enough, and then simply put it away. But still I can only imagine that falling asleep while trying to have a conversation with a spirit is not the best idea. I mean as people we would not be all too impressed if someone fell asleep while having a conversation with us.

IMO that’s because we’re primates and status, being taken seriously, used to have direct implications for our physical safety. Still does in many situations.

Spirits like to be respected, but an organic being who’s honestly tired and falls asleep is less likely to offend them in the same way, since they can see what’s going on. Well I assume that anyway, it’s happened to me several times and doesn’t seem to have caused any problems. :slight_smile:

It’s happened to me before too. Don’t sweat it too much… I mean it isn’t entirely a negative thing. After all in the dream state its much easier to communicate and receive visions and symbols and such.

Well, I usually do my workings once I’m sure my parents are asleep so I can relate to being tired.

Use energy raising or just general exercise to try and get awake before workings.

I did chuckle a little, but only because I was laughing at myself. That happened to me the other day and I was thinking man, I hope I didn’t offend. It must be because we are so close to the dream state when working rituals and evoking, so it’s easy to just drift away even if you are intently focused. But I chuckled when I read this because I got that overwhelming sense of “I know how you feel”. I did that and was wondering if anyone else had done this before. I felt embarrassed a little the next day. Good to know that others admit to doing it too.