Fake spiritual news that I heard

I don’t know if it’s true, but my mom told me that my aunt told her that for several days SUPPOSEDLY we “won’t be able” to light candles or incense because there are “angels” helping us in the area of health and spirituality, that among them there was a fallen angel who wants to “help” us, sounds to me that it is fake… someone else has heard it?, as you can debunk?, doesn’t sound realistic to me lol

Sounds like crap


LOL I think the same, maybe we can laugh on this, now with the covid so many ppl are scared and believe everyhing

And what do the angels have to do with people being unable to light candles nor incense? It is a common practice among many currents to light candles and incense for angels

Damn is that spiritual gossip ? :joy::joy:

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Yeah I keep hearing crap like demons are roaming the earth now and this and that

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Very true my friend, in fact I said to my mom “it will not be that …maybe bc, there are people working with them, there are people who know how to attract them and ask them things, high-knowledge witches/warlocks”

This could perhaps come into the category of a devotional practice, like a kind of offering.

By putting activity of some kind, in this case the ‘sacrifice’ of not doing something, the practitioner is doing something in the physical to help ground the energy of the working.

It’s not about whether the specific activity has a general effect by itself, it’s about what the practitioners intention and energy does with it that matters.

By not contributing to this aspect of the working, it’s kind of like you’re putting your energy against a group working. Assuming you want the health and spirituality aspects, I’d look for ways to contribute to making the working stronger not less.


Demons must be bored of so much that they blame them for things they don’t do… I think in one in a funny scene looking social media saying “what…what?!” :sweat_smile:

Yup , there’s a lot of conspiracy theory floating around

Obviously, if there really are people doing jobs with them for health and elevating the spirituality of humans obviously anyone would want to contribute